ASUAF Recap, January 31 – Student Requests ASUAF Fund ‘Guarded’ Art Show


Matt Mertes / Sun Star

Present: Ivik Henry, Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk, Cordero Reid, Johnathan Quiñones, Brandon Blum, Sabrina Martin, Ryan Cain, Diane Murph

Absent Excused: Zachary White

Haley Heniff, a student ambassador, gave a passionate speech on the photo project “Guarded,” which she wants to see brought to the UAF, at this week’s ASUAF meeting. The photo gallery is the brainchild of Taylor Yocum and KT Hawbaker of the University of Iowa campus. The project is a showcase of the defensive weapons students felt they needed to feel safe on the University of Iowa campus. Heniff feels, with all the effort put forth by the administration of UAF on the Title IX debate, this would be a great way to represent the willingness of the students to call for a change in attitude.

Heniff already has the support of the Women’s Center for bringing the artists here. They have pledged an amount of $2,000 to help bring the project to UAF.

Heniff asked the senate to approve expediting the bill. Her reasons for doing this is to try and raise student awareness of the show and to provide funds to both Yocum and Hawbaker to help support them on their long trip away from home.

“I am in complete support of this project,” Senator Diane Murph said. “I think it’s really, actually, important that ASUAF supports this because we’re here for the students and I think the students would be interested in this.”

The comments by Murph summed up the opinions of ASUAF senators. The only cause for concern was not taking the appropriate time to make sure the proposed budget was not being over-funded. President Mathew Carrick urged patience.

“I really do like this idea and this project, I want to thank you for the detail here, with the budget, I really like that, however I don’t think it’s appropriate to expedite this here at this meeting,” Carrick said.

His main concern was that having just seen the proposed budget, the senate did not have enough time to fully consider the fiscal impact of the bill.

“I think it’s very important to take enough time to look over everything. I don’t anticipate there being any problems with these people and I’m not questioning [Heniff] trying to push through something inappropriate,” Carrick said. “ I think as stewards of the students money it’s vital for us to have that chance.”

The proposed budget of $2,484.50 would be for advertising for the art show and per diem for the two artists Yocum and Hawbaker.


The senate was also welcomed two new senators into their ranks at the meeting. Senator Joseph Degraft-Amanfu, born in Ghana, West Africa, is obtaining his second bachelors degree. This time his major is Emergency Management and Homeland Security. His first degree was in Mathematics from Towson University, where he graduated with honors. He currently works for the TSA and is planning on joining a federal service after he graduates.

Senator Ivik Henry, born in Kotzebue, Alaska was also sworn in at the meeting. Currently majoring in Justice and minoring in Iñupiaq, he has participated in Student Council, National Honors Society and Youth Leaders all through high school. His plan after graduation is to go into service with the U.S. Marshals. The meeting was adjourned at 5:24 pm.

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