ASUAF Recap- July 22, 2012

Lakeirdra Chavis/Sun Star Reporter
July 22, 2012

Senators present

Brown and Hopkins

Senators absent

Holt and Chamberlain

Officers present



ASUAF Office Manager Anne Williamson attended the meeting to discuss the ASUAF budget with the senate and to answer questions the senators had.

The show goes on

Due to the senate not having qurom, an informal meeting was held.

ASUAF Summer Committee

The ASUAF summer committee is a smaller version of the much larger senate that works during the school year. The senate is comprised of four senators and a senate chair. Vice President Dillon Ball is acting as senate chair for this year’s summer committee. The goal of the summer committee is to continue providing services to summer students like the full senate does in the fall semester. So far this summer, the senate has held one event, an ASUAF summer BBQ that took place on Tuesday, July 2.

Proposed revised food schedule

A proposed dining schedule change was sent to Ball for the senate to discuss. The proposed plan, lists all of the current dining options on campus and their current hours of operations and their proposed changes. Dining hours for Lola Tilly Commons, West Ridge, the campus library and the Community and Techinical College would stay the same. However, the Campus Cache, located in the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland complex, Pizza Luna, Grill 155, Freshens and the Polar Perk Coffee shop, all located in the Wood Center, have propsed hours changed. The Campus Cache, which currently operates from seven in the morning until midnight during the school year, would close from noon until 5p.m. Taco Bell which currently operates until 7p.m., would close 2:30. Places like the Grill would have shortened hours during the weekdays and no hours of operations at all on Saturdays and Sundays. This plan is a proposed schedule and nothing is final. Ball encourages students to voice thier opinons on this schedule and to email any comments to


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