ASUAF Recap: March 2, 2014

Kaz Alvarez / Sun Star Reporter

Mar. 4, 2014

Senators present
Matthew Carrick, Kemper Chabotte, Eli Barry-Garland, Brix Hahn, Jordyn Houlton, Cordero Reid, Shane Poindexter, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker, Lida Zakurdaew, Mickey Zakurdaew

Officers present
Michael Mancill

Officers absent
Ayla O’Scannell

Chas Jones, Christin Anderson, Leonard Kjera, Devlin Ryan, Jasper Jackson, Michael Sicone, Courtney Enright.

Career workshops
A group of 15 graduate and undergraduate students intend to provide a one-day career workshop for UAF students. Chas Jones, Ph.D. candidate in Northern Engineering & International Arctic Research Center acted as spokesman for the group. The workshop will be led by Alaina Levine, President of Quantum Success Solutions. Several of the organizers have already participated in workshops provided by Levine. The group solicited support from other academic departments and received interest from a few of the departments contacted. Jones explained that the $2,000 would go primarily to catering and lodging. The workshop is scheduled to take place April 7 and be open for all students to attend.

Parkour training
Representatives from the Parkour club attended the senate meeting to support a bill that will cover travel expenses of Benjamin George, tricking trainer, to Alaska. Zakurdaew requested a few words about the trainers. Anderson responded with details regarding his expertise and skills. “He’s our age but very qualified,” Anderson said. “He is only asking for travel funding to do the workshop for anyone interested in attending.”

Student Regent
Enright brought an update on statewide news. In the previous meeting, she alerted the senate that a bill that would override the Board of Regents policy regarding guns on campus had been introduced simultaneously to the House and Senate. She suggested opinions be shared with public senators. Gamble will be testifying to the house March 4-5. In addition, the budget for the UA system has been finalized and cut by $1 million, on top of a $14.9 million cut from Governor Sean Parnell. The cut is made to operational funding and affects maintenance and classrooms. The House and Senate will add money back in, but it will be earmarked for specific programs, not operational expenses. Enright encouraged students and senators to submit testimony March 4-5.

Communications to Senate
Strigle responded to questions raised about presiding officers and the chain of command during meetings. When Strigle is absent, Barry-Garland is next in the chain of command to be presiding officer as chair of the Executive Committee, followed by Carrick, the chair of the Internal Affairs Committee. When Carrick took on the role of presiding officer in previous meetings, Barry-Garland was absent or had turned it over to Carrick. After reviewing the minutes following complaints, Strigle found no malfeasance or mistakes in Carrick’s behavior.

Strigle encouraged senators to consult him if they are interested in presiding officer training. Carrick repeatedly expressed interest to Strigle and was being given every opportunity.

Strigle also addressed conflict from the previous meeting regarding Club Council funding. Senators are not required to pass a bill if they feel that information is missing or something is wrong. They cannot be charged with malfeasance or impeachment. “If someone threatens you with malfeasance or impeachment or otherwise, they are out of line,” Strigle said.

Committee reports
The Internal Affairs Committee discharged the appointment of Dillon Ball with recommendation for adoption. The appointment was moved to confirmation of appointments. The Student Affairs Committee was unable to discuss funding for Humans vs. Zombies without comment from Christopher Clement. The committee did look at “SB 182-007: Funding for safety training for the Parkour Club” and “SB 182-009: Purchasing of ASUAF Merchandise.” Some changes were made to the parkour bill, to include multiple trainings for students rather than a single training. The committee removed specific references to items to leave options open based on prices and availability in SB 182-009. The bills were discharged with a favorable recommendation to adopt. Public Relations Committee discussed the pre-med bill and made a few changes but did not make quorium and was unable to do official business.

Confirmation of Appointments
Zakurdaew motioned to table the appointment of Ball to the senate until the next meeting. He was seconded by Barry-Garland. The motion passed 8-1-0.

Parkour training II
The bill was opened for discussion. Mickey Zakurdaew requested clarification on the trainer’s qualifications to provide safety training. “He has a lot of experience doing spotting gymnastics, which is what we need,” Christin said. The trainer is expected to arrive late April or early May to provide a series of workshops to all interested UAF students. Reid asked how the workshops will be advertised. Kjera detailed the club’s plans to advertise a month prior with flyers, and open a sign-up list two weeks prior to the workshop.

The bill was put to a vote and passed 10-0-1. Hahn abstained.

Purchase of merchandise
Chabotte put support behind the bill pointing out that many freshmen do not know what ASUAF is or does. Mickey Zakurdaew requested clarification on the cost of the banners since that is not specified in the bill. “The cost varies based on what you want,” Carrick said. He estimated that a good-looking banner would cost about $80. The bill was altered slightly from its original wording to remove references to specific merchandise items. This was done to provide flexibility. The bill was put to a vote, and was passed unanimously.

Other business
Zakurdaew motioned to cancel the meeting on March 16, the first Sunday of Spring Break. Barry-Garland seconded the motion. The bill requires a two-thirds vote. The motion passed 10-0-1. Hahn abstained.

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