ASUAF Recap-March 24, 2013

Ashleigh Strange/Sun Star Reporter
March 24, 2013

Senators present

John Seiler, Michael Magnun, Ayla O’Scannell, Michael Mancill, Michael Golub, Mickey Wilson, McKinley Zakurdaew, Ashley Strauch and Simon Ortega

Senators absent

Beth Steele, Sarah Walker and Daniel Strigle

Officers present

Dillon Ball

Directors present

Corey Boiko and Bryant Hopkins

May he rest in peace… in an easy chair somewhere

O’Scannell announced that Collingwood resigned from the senate. “He is no longer with us,” O’Scannell said. Collingwood chaired the Executive Committee.

It’s not about the money, money, money

The American Fisheries Club submitted 2 club funding requests for $50 each and they were both funded. That error has been fixed and all other clubs were given an extra 50 or 60 cents to make up for it.

Juneau: What a wonderful town

At a recent meeting for the Board Of Regents, Governor Parnell made budget cuts including $2.65 million reduction from the university’s budget. Members of the legislature want the university to be more accountable for the money that is available before allocating out more funds.

Making lists about making lists

Boiko suggested that senators pass legislation that requires them to better account for their time in the ASUAF office.

To meet or not to meet

Executive, Public Relations and Student Affairs committees did not meet this week.

Internal Affairs committee met and reviewed the bylaws and constitution. Zakurdaew said, “It’s still there.” They also prepared for the upcoming ASUAF year in review.

And the nominees are…

Tim Murphrey of Rural Student Services and Dr. Alexander Hirsch from Political Science were nominated for faculty and staff of the year awards. Further nominations have been tabled until the next meeting.

Zakurdaew accepted the nomination as Collingwood’s replacement as Executive Committee Chair. Zakurdaew stepped down from Internal Affairs Committee Chair because one senator cannot chair two committees.

Steele and Mancill were both nominated for IA Committee Chair. The decision was tabled until Steele could be present to accept or decline and O’Scannell will act as defacto chair until next week’s meeting

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