ASUAF Recap, March 5: Senators search for stone, decide on ballot initiative

Ballot initiative for the Student Recreation Center Fee

A $30 fee called the “SRC Student Access and Facility Fee,” to take effect in Fall 2018, will be on the ballot for students this March. The fee would be used to repair, replace and upgrade equipment, according to the bill, and would apply to students taking at least 6 credits per semester.

Mark Oldmixon, the director of the Wood Center and the Department of Recreation, Adventure and Wellness, commonly called DRAW, attended the meeting to support the referendum.

“The programs that DRAW does put on students actually show up to,” said Senator Georgia Durden, citing her yoga class with 20 students and one community person.

Oldmixon said a student fee would cover their costs once they lose their general budget funding, which he was told is slated to end by Vice Chancellor Gary Gray.

The senate put the referendum on the ballot with eight votes in favor and two abstentions.

Travel funding for student government training conference

The senate did their first reading of a bill which would provide funding for Senator Chris Mitchell and any other interested senators to attend the American Student Government Association’s training conference on July 22 in Orlando.

The bill would use up to $2,000 from the Travel Fund Budget for transportation and up to $1,000 from the Summer Senate Contingency budget to cover registration fees and hotel costs.

Meeting cancellations

Senator Molly O’Scannel motioned to cancel the ASUAF meetings on the March 12 and 19 because it seemed clear that they would not meet quorum.

The approved the motion with 7 in favor and 3 abstentions.

Low student turnout at Strategic Pathways forum

Senator Brian Holst expressed irritation at the fact that the senators made a resolution asking for the administration to hold a forum concerning Strategic Pathways, which none of the other senators attended.

“I’m kind of disappointed that nobody showed up to this meeting,” Holst said adding that he was the only student who showed up for the beginning of the forum on Tuesday.

Senator Cordero Reid made an apology and then stated that the low turnout was not due to apathy on the student’s part.

“There is a problem with how information is getting out to students and how students regard that information,” Reid said.

Where is the Tradition Stone?

Public Relations Director Melissa Clark is working with senators to make a resolution to get the Tradition stone back since it has been missing since 2014.

The senate did their first reading of the bill, which would provide a $500 reward to the organization/ club who relinquishes the Stone to the student government. The funds would come from ASUAF’s rollover funds. The bill was moved it to the public relations committee.


Senator Sierra Von Haften was nominated and confirmed as chair of the executive committee. Senator Mann was nominated and confirmed to the position of ASUAF senate chair.

Present: Dawson Mann, Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Molly O’Scannel, Raymundo Lopez, Georgia Durden, Jae Ham, Erik Rickards, Sierra Von Haften, Chris Martinez, Brian Holst, Sam Mitchell, Ivik Henry and Cordero Reid (late, left early)

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