ASUAF Recap – May 4, 2014

Kaz Alvarez / Sun Star Reporter

May 4, 2014

Senators present
Matthew Carrick, Kemper Chabotte, Brix Hahn, Jordyn Houlton, Cordero Reid, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker, Lida Zakurdaew and Mickey Zakurdaew

Senators absent
Eli Barry-Garland, Megan LaSelle and Shane Poindexter

Officers present
Ayla O’Scannell

Officers Absent
Michael Mancill

Directors present
Saraya Coburn

Courtney Enright

Student Regent report
According to Enright, the University of Alaska is short $26 million system wide, $19 million of which is within UAF. A preliminary report on potential changes in budget should be available soon. A cabinet meeting is scheduled for May 15-16 to review that report. Results should be released by June 1.

UA received $300 million in the Capital Budget. $212 million is for the power plant. The tuition or fee increase required by Alaska legislators will be about 1 to 2 percent of tuition.

The Alaska senate passed SB 74 to create the University of Alaska Building fund for the costs of use, management, operation, maintenance, and depreciation of space in buildings. The Board of Regents will decide where to spend the money.

Wrapping up the year
Senator of the year will be Strauch. The senate chose “You guys suspended rules and procedures without me?!” as the quote of the year. Mickey Zakurdaew is credited with the quote. The Summer Senate Committee will be composed of Houlton, Chabotte, Reid and Barry-Garland.

Changes to ASUAF budget
Carrick presented “SB 182-017 Budget Revisions” to adjust the ASUAF budget in response to staff benefit changes. The senate budget will remain $536,188. The bill was expedited to second reading. The bill passed unanimously with one error addressed.

Senate reaction to budget cuts
Strigle and Carrick presented their resolution “SR-182-002 Academics Over Budget Concerns” to the senate. The resolution expresses the senate stance on vertical budget cuts of academic departments. The sponsors are concerned that the effect will be reduced student enrollment and negative impacts on UAF. The resolution was expedited to second reading.

Clerical errors were addressed. Enright pointed out that the Board of Regents chose to do vertical cuts of academic departments rather than cut funding to student life offices.

Senators recessed for ten minutes to discuss the resolution and amendments to make.

Senators altered the bill to specify that a student representative should be present on campus-wide planning and budgetary committees. The resolution admonishes the practice of vertical cuts to academic departments and suggests less discriminate horizontal cuts or cuts to student life. The resolution passed unanimously.

New t-shirts
A bill to purchase ASUAF t-shirts was presented by Reid. The Public Relations committee changed the language of the bill to be more professional. The budget remained the same but language was written to be less specific for flexibility. The bill passed 7-1-0. Lida Zakurdaew opposed.

New directive
Mickey Zakurdaew presented a directive during lately considered legislation. “SD 182-001 Fulfilling Commitments” requires the next senate to specify the role of the student representative, if administration allows that position to exist, and responsibilities in the bylaws. The bill passed unanimously after an amendment to specify language.

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