ASUAF Recap – May 5, 2013

Ashleigh Strange/Sun Star Reporter
May 7, 2013

Senators Present

Daniel Strigle, Michael Mancill, Michael Golub, Sarah Walker, Michael Magnun, Ashley Strauch, Beth Steele, McKinley Zakurdaew, John Seiler, Ayla O’Scannell and Simon Ortega

Senators Absent

Mickey Wilson

Directors Present

Corey Boiko

Guests Present

Anne Williamson, former Senator Bobby Pendleton, former senator Robert Kinnard, President Emeritus Joe Hayes and former vice president Dillon Ball.

Ball stepped down from his position as vice president. Freitag then appointed  Ball  as a senator, which he accepted during the meeting. “I enjoyed my term as vice President. There were a lot of ups and downs but I really enjoyed the opportunity to represent the students in that manner. Thanks for the opportunity to serve,” Ball said.

Election results

The 2013 ASUAF election results were made official. Twenty ballots were found to be fraudulent and removed after students reported that their student ID numbers had been used without their permission to vote. After the reading of the winners, Zakurdaew said, “[Votes for] ‘Boners Boners Boners’ didn’t do as well as my numbers had initially projected.”

Summer senate

The senators on the summer senate committee are Seiler, Magnan, Zakurdaew, Steele, Strauch, Strigle and Mancill.

Senator of the Year

The senate named Michael Magnan “Senator of the Year.” Zakurdaew said Magnan has been a tirelessly working senator all year. “He was on all 5 committees last semester, took over Student Affairs committee chair and has greatly improved ASUAF,” Zakurdaew said.

Quote of the Year

Ball’s comment from last semester was voted as the quote of the year. “Do we have enough money between the trust fund and the roll over to purchase a moon base? No? What about a really small moonbase?” The runner up was a quote from Freitag, “Thanks for champin’ up, you guys rock.”

SB 180-012 Pretty Pictures Update

The legislation would allocated, 700 to buy a maximum of 4 cameras for the UAF Library Media Desk. “The library only has one nice camera. All the rest are point and shoot and the lenses don’t even come off,” Golub said. Ball felt that the legislation had too many unanswered questions and the senate shouldn’t pass a large amount of money without being fully informed about the issue. The bill failed and will be renewed during the summer senate.

SB180-007 Summer Committee Funding

Ball and Zakurdaew sponsored the legislation, which would move $2,200 of senate project funds into the summer committee fund because there’s not enough time to research projects currently proposed. It passed.

SB 180-014: Combining the Vice President and Senate Chair Positions

The legislation would remove the position of senate chair and replace it with the Vice President position. There was opposition from Strigle and Steele, claiming that students should have more of a say in the removal of elected positions. Steele said, “We are the senate by the people for the people, not by the people who know better for the people.”

Hayes spoke in favor of the legislation, saying, “With the shared position you’ll have a natural connection [between the legislative and and executive branch.] There’s no knowledge gap, or information gap. This position hurts the senate in the way that’s it’s set up right now.”

Ball, Zakurdaew and Mancill said that they believed the senators should choose their own chair because there have been people that have taken the position that did not necessarily care about the legislative process.

Walker suggested that the legislation should be reread because there was so much confusion, people didn’t seem to understand that the Vice President position wasn’t actually being removed. The senate voted and the legislation did not pass.

SB 180-015 In which there is Commencement

Steele sponsored the legislation, which would allocate money to purchase fake mustaches for graduates during commencement fail. It was “fiscally irresponsible and ridiculous”, said Magnan, and the money could be better spent. The senate voted and the legislation did not pass.

SB108-016 In which there is Karaoke

Zakurdaew sponsored the legislation. The bill to use $3,500 to purchase a Karaoke machine for students to borrow. Zakurdaew talked to Heather Kraemer, the manager of the Pub, and she suggested a sturdy one that would be a good choice. Strigle supported the legislation saying, “Let students sing and make an ass of themselves, especially in the cold winter months. That sounds great.” Pendleton suggested that a pub worker could put the digital songs on the machine as digital songs last longer than CDs. Any group would be permitted to borrow the machine. Strauch recommended that the bill fail. “We just struck down a bill that cost less. The machine would only serve mostly on-campus residents and those over 21.” The senate voted and the legislation passed.

SB 180-003 Honoring Former Senator Kinnard

The legislation would enact the title of Senator Emeritus on Kinnard. Zakurdaew said that he respects Kinnard but thinks that Emeritus is a big title to give away after only one year after graduation.

Kinnard spoke and said that he believes in the power of education and works to bring veterans to UAF. However, he declined because he felt that there were other legislators better suited for the position. The senate voted and the legislation did not pass.

Free Brinner

O’Scannell reminded the senators that they were hosting and funding a late night breakfast in the Wood Center on Monday night from 8-11 PM.

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