ASUAF Recap – May 6, 2012

Lakeirdra Chavis/Sun Star Reporter
May 8, 2012

Senators present

Holt, Hopkins, Netardus, O’Scannell, O’Connor, Chambers, Young, Zakurdaew, Brown, Kinnard, Schurz and Burley

Sentors absent


Officers present



Members of Society of Automotive Engineerscame to the meeting to support the Revolving Fund legislation. Brian Schoyer, a member of Fencing Club came to support a piece of fencing legislation that would allocate $300 to the club.

Another three bite the dust

Robert Kinnard III moved to remove Michael Golub from the senate due to excessive absences. Golub had 12 excused and four unexcused absences. Golub was not present at this senate meeting. His absence was excused. The senate removed Golub by a vote of 8-2-0. Khrisstian Burns-Shafer and Blake Burley voted against the motion.

Kinnard moved to remove Burns-Shafer from the senate due to excessive absences. Burns-Shafer had two excused absences and five unexcused absences. The senate removed Burns-Shafer by a vote of 5-2-0. Burns-Shafer and Burley voted against the motion. After the vote, Burns-Shafer walked out of the meeting.

Kinnard then moved to remove Jesse Cervin from the senate due to excessive absences. Cervin had three excused absences and five unexcused absences. Cervin was not present at this senate meeting. His absence was excused due to a school field trip. The senate made an unanimous decision to remove Cervin.

Andy Chamberlain and Johnathon Schurz are also eligible for removal due to excessive absences. However, both senators are in the military and absences due to official military business are waved.

Reaching out to students in comfort

“SB 178-024 New Chairs for the Polar Bears” would allocate up to $600 from senate projects towards new office chairs for the senators. Committee chairs would have a larger sized or better quality chair than other senators. Burley sponsored the bill.

Even senators need to show up

Kinnard sponsored “SB 178-015C Revised Attendance Policy.” The legislation would revise the current attendance policy outlined in the ASUAF bylaws. The legislation would change the attendance policy into a point system. Each senator would start off with two points and would receive two points for each committee in which the senator serves. For example,  senators who serve on two committees would recieve two points for serving on the senate and an accumulation of four points because they serve on two committees, for a tota of six points.

For each unexcused absence, the senator will be docked two points and one point for each excused absence. When the number of attendance points equals or is more than the number of points the senator has, they will be automatically removed from the senate. The removed senator may appeal within 14 days of removal from the senate. The senate can review the proposal and the removed senator can be reinstated into the senate by a two-thirds majority vote. Senators on official UAF, ASUAF or military business are excused from attendance if they notify the senate chair and will not affect their attendance record.

The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 10-1-0. Johnathon Schurz voted against the legislation. The new attendance policy will be in effect starting September 1, 2012, the first day of the fall semester.

Giving what was owed

Chambers sponsored “SB 178-018 Giving Concert Board Their Money.” The legislation would allocate up to $30,000 to Concert Board from remaining funds in the ASUAF budget lines. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 10-1-0. Burley voted against the legislation.

Goodwill for the Sun Star

Chambers sponsored “SB 178-019 Goodwill with The Sun Star.” The legislation would allocate $2,495.59 to The Sun Star from unspent money in the budget lines. Due to staff changeover at ASUAF, journal vouchers were not processed for ad contracts with The Sun Star. Due to this, The Sun Star did not receive the money for these ad sales. The office manager will decide which funds to use to pay The Sun Star. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 10-0-1. Brown abstained from the legislation.

Money to The Sun Star

Chambers sponsored “SB 178-020 Sun Star Ad-buy budget line.” The legislation would allocate $2,650 to The Sun Star. Since ASUAF did not use the web banner ad buy purchased with the funds set aisde for it, the senate has leftover money.The leftover money will be allocated to The Sun Star without ASUAF asking for ads in return. The legislation needed a majority vote to pass. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 6-5-1. Hopkins, Netardus, Nate O’Connor, Schurz and Burley voted against the legislation. Brown abstained.

A revolving fund

Recently, former senator Golub  sponsored “SB 178-023 Funding ‘Revolving Fund’ for SAE.” The legislation would provide the Society of Automotive Engineers chapter at UAF with $8,000 at the beginning of each academic year. SAE would use the money to fund projects, such as the electric snowmobile. Since SAE receives scholarships, funds from SAE and money allocated from ASUAF and SAE would replenish the revolving fund yearly after using it. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 9-1-2. Kinnard voted against the legislation. O’Connor and Zakurdaew abstained. The revolving fund is beneficial for the upcoming academic year. In order for the fund to exist the following academic school year, SAE will need to submit another legislation for the fund. This is because the senate cannot pass any monetary legislation they would affect future senates.

Swords, masks and money

Senator Kinnard sponsored “SB 178-024 Fencing Club Equipment Funding.” The legislation would allocate $300 from senate projects to the Fencing Club. The club officer did not submit a funding request before the deadline. The money allocated would be used to buy new equipment and maintain current ones. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 9-2-0. Brown and Burley voted against the legislation.

Summer Committee

The senate confirmed Chelsea Holt, Fred Brown, Andy Chamberlain and Bryant Hopkins as the members of the ASUAF summer committee.

Time to move on

Netardus, Chambers, Holt and Kinnard will no longer be senators next semester. Kinnard is graduating this semester. The others decided to remove themselves as senators due to personal or academic reasons.


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