ASUAF Recap: Nov. 10, 2013

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 11, 2013

Senators present 

Eli Barry-Garland, Matthew Carrick, Tayesia Nick, Shane Poindexter, Cordero Reid, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker and Lida Zakurdaew

Senators absent

Brix Hahn, Jonathan Quinones and Ashley Strauch

Officers absent

Michael Mancill and Ayla O’Scannell

Officer reports

Strigle is plans on putting together a tabling event during a weekday afternoon so UAF students can learn more about senator duties and goals.

For the good of the senate

The senate has two appointments to make for the Parking Advisory Committee. These appointments will be made by O’Scannell who is looking for students with strong opinions or invested interests in parking issues.

Chamber of Commerce topics

Poindexter will be unable to attend Chamber of Commerce meetings as part of his participation with the Public Relations Committee and is looking for a stand in for two different meetings. Poindexter attends the Chamber meetings to represent UAF student interests in local issues. On Nov. 12, the Chamber will be discussing Ballot Initiatives and reporting requirements. On Nov. 19, the Chamber will be discussing the Affordable Care Act.

Executive Committee

The committee gave the appointment of Governmental Relations Director Michael Magnan to the Elections Board with a positive recommendation and discharged it to consideration of appointments. The committee also considered SR 181-001 Reformation of Residence Life Policies and Practices but the resolution is still undergoing debate and no decision has been made.

Internal Affairs Committee

The committee discussed plans for the senate retreat, a social event for ASUAF senators and officers. 

Public Relations committee

The committee discussed the incorporation of more comment boxes around campus to gather student opinions. The committee looked into the cost of incorporating comment boxes for campus and came up with a quote of $500. The committee discussed purchasing of a small blimp for the purpose of brand recognition. Reid informed the senate that he will no longer be drafting a bill to purchase a microwave for student use because his friend donated a microwave to ASUAF.  Reid will be drafting legislation for a lock and key to provide security the microwave .

Confirmation of appointments

Magnan’s appointment to the Elections Board was opened for discussion. “He’s not up for election this cycle and he has the experience,” Barry-Garland said.  The senate approved Magnan’s appointment by a 7-0-0 vote.

Second Reading

“SB 181-008 Food for Thought Committee Super Bill would improve the structure and functionality of the ASUAF Food for Thought Committee by informing the student body on the composition of the senate and to facilitate communication between students and ASUAF. The bill was approved unanimously by the senate.

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