ASUAF Recap, Nov. 13: ASUAF funds endowment, views new UAF budget proposal


The meeting started out with a presentation from Neurobiology Professor Abel Bult-Ito, who described “A New Vision for the Univeristy of Alaska.” Bult-Ito developed the plan to restructure UAF’s administration and to reinvest the savings.

The plan details how UAF should be focusing on “The academic mission of research, teaching and service, and student services and tuition scholarships,” according to the petition Bult-Ito set up to demonstrate support for his proposal. The petition has 391 out of its goal of 500 supporters at the time of print.

“We need to reinvest and refocus on the academic mission of the university,” he said.

Some of the main aspects of the proposal are cutting managerial and administrative positions and adding more student services positions; funding more scholarships for tuition; adding more research faculty; resulting in an increase in student enrollment and retention, according to the proposal website.

“None of this will cost more than the savings,” Bult-Ito said.

To date, ASUAF has received 130 responses to the Title IX survey that they distributed in late October, according to President Freel. Government Relations Director Matt Mertes as well as Freel will be sorting through the responses and removing identifiable information for the responses which are being sent to the UAF administration and the Sun Star.

During the meeting, Senate Chair Anderson-Agimuk suggested keeping the ASUAF deficit in mind when voting.

“We’ve had a concern about our budget, we’ve been pulling a lot out of rollover, while we’re running a deficit,” Anderson-Agimuk said. “We just need to be cognizant of how much we’re pulling out of roll-over.”

The senate discussed donating $10,000 from the Rollover Budget to support the establishment of the Erica Keiko Iseri Memorial Endowment. The funds will be used to create a scholarship for the study abroad program.

The senate debated a bill to fulfill ASUAF’s responsibility to fund the clubs. This bill will provide the remaining $5,750 for the Club Council. The funds are coming from the Club Grants and Projects Budget.

They voted on the bill with eight in favor and one abstaining.


Matt Mertes, ASUAF’s government relations director, was appointed to the Sun Star Publication Board.


Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Ivik Henry, Raymundo Lopez, O’Scannel, Diane Murph, Ryan Cain, Dawson Mann, Georgia Durden, Patrick Namwembe, Cordero Reid (late) and Joe Altman

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  1. Colby Freel says:

    To clarify, ASUAF will respect the privacy and confidentiality wishes of those who responded to our Title IX survey. No responses will be shared if the respondent did not indicate that they would like their testimonies shared. The following is the privacy statement given before the survey began.

    Privacy Statement
    As your student government, we want to assure you that your wishes regarding the anonymity and confidentiality of your responses will be respected.
    All portions of this form are optional.
    Any information you choose to provide will be not be connected to your identity without your consent.
    Your response will be kept confidential unless you indicate you would prefer otherwise.
    Any personally identifiable information you include in your testimony, except YOUR name, will be immediately removed once the response is received. Your name will only be included if you choose to attach your name to your response.

    How will Student Government Use This Information?
    Your response will be used to support Student Government’s review of UAF’s Title IX violation investigation policies and procedures.
    Your response will be collected by the ASUAF Government Relations Director and Student Body President.
    Once personally identifiable information is removed, your testimony will be shared with the ASUAF committee conducting the review.
    If (and only if) you give your permission, all or portions of your testimony may be shared (with your name and any other identifiable information removed) with the ASUAF Senate and UAF administration.
    If (and only if) you give your permission, all or portions of your testimony (including your name) may be shared with the Sun Star Student Newspaper.
    Upon completion of Student Government’s review, your responses will be destroyed (except in the case you have indicated that you would like us to share your response with the ASUAF Senate, UAF administration, or the Sun Star Student Newspaper).

    For any questions or concerns, please reach out to my office directly at .

    Colby Freel
    Student Body President

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