ASUAF Recap, Nov 20: Senators endorse mace in dorms


A donation of $9,000 was made by the Senate to the Erica Keiko Iseri Endowment Fund to establish a scholarship in recognition of her contributions to campus. Senators also approved travel funds to a variety of different organizations and students, as well as allocating $1,000 to UAF Nanook Traditions to assist with the costs associated with the Governor’s Cup transportation.

Senators voted to endorse a change to school policy, which would allow students to keep mace in their dorm rooms for self-defense. Currently mace is not permitted on campus, and many students have expressed concerns over the lack of defense options available to them.

Most senators were able to attend in-person, but Senator Cordero Reid had to teleconference in. About halfway through the meeting, loud splashing noises were heard from Reid’s end of the line, at which point Freel muted the call and temporarily adjourned the meeting.


Present:Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Ivik Henry (left early), Raymundo Lopez, O’Scannel, Diane Murph, Joe Altman, Cordero Reid (called in), Dawson Mann and Patrick Namwembe, Ryan Cain

Not Present: Patrick Namwembe (excused)

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