ASUAF Recap: Nov. 3, 2013

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 4, 2013

Senators Present

Matthew Carrick, Brix Hahn, Cordero Reid, Shane Poindexter, Jonathan Quinones, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker and Lida Zakurdaew

Senators Absent

Tayesia Nick, Jonathan Quinones and Ashley Strauch

Officers Present

Michael Mancill and Ayla O’Scannell

Directors Present

Michael Magnan


Michael Wilson has resigned from his senate position.


Presidential appointments were given to Michael Magnan, Joseph Milron and Hunter McGovern for the Elections Board. O’Scannell supported her appointments by saying Magnan has existing experience with elections and while the other two are neutral and not affiliated with ASUAF. The appointments were moved to Executive Committee.

Officer activity

O’Scannell said that the State of Alaska will pull from savings to account for deficits in revenue and how it will impact students at UAF. O’Scannell also discussed Career Services and how the services provided by the office will be preserved rather than cut. There will be two staff members, two HR staff trained to assist and student workers available provide the services such as interview skill training.

O’Scannell vetoed three bills due to the speed at which the bills were passed, poor language and structure. “I don’t want to veto the bill just because I disagree with it. I will, in this case, because I didn’t agree with how they were written and how they were passed through,” O’Scannell said. “We have the committee process because we want strong bills.”

The vice president chairs both the Club Funding Committee and the Elections Board. Club funding amounts have been allocated and will be presented for second reading. The date for fall senate seat elections will be Nov. 25. “If you are a fall senator, your time has come,” Mancill said, “to run again.”

Juneau advocacy trip

Magnan finalized the application process for the Juneau advocacy trip. All of the students who will be participating in the trip have been chosen.

To smoke or not to smoke

Smoke free policies came up at the UA System Governance Council meeting, as it is the council’s responsibility to consider policy changes prior to gaining approval from the UA President or Board of Regents. O’Scannell suggested that the topic be included in the ballot as a poll question in the Nov. 25 ASUAF election.

Committee reports

The Executive Committee discussed SR 181-001 Reformation of Residence Life Policies and Practices but could not make changes or decisions until first reading.

The appointment of Chanda File to Media Board was discharged with a positive recommendation.

The Public Relations Committee discharged the appointment of Benjamin Anderson the Government Relations Council. The committee further discussed having more microwaves on campus and the purchase of give-aways. They are also looking at spending $100 on a small blimp that would have the ASUAF logo on it as well as drafting legislation for a new banner and table skirt for tabling.

The Student Affairs Committee was informed that the Aerial Silk Club no longer needs funding for mats because the Student Resource Center offered to purchase mats for the club. The committee is looking at working with Rural Student Services as a student outreach effort.

A revolution for Residence Life

The resolution is sponsored by Strauch to encourage Chancellor Brian Rogers to reform the way that Residence conducts its business with double standards and provides poor customer service and is meant to catalyze system-wide improvements within UAF’s Department of Residence Life. After the resolution’s first reading, it was moved to the Executive Committee.

Confirmation of appointments

The appointments of File to Media Board and Anderson to Government Relations Council were opened to discussion. Each vote was unanimously in favor of the appointment

Second reading

CB 181-001 Fall 2013 Club Funding Allocation bill automatically moved to second reading. In order to be eligible for funding a club has to be a recognized club, send an officer to club training and submit an application. Mancill was chair of the committee. The senate passed the legislation by a unanimous vote.

Potential new club

Hahn is working with a group hoping to form a club called War Hammer Society. They will be seeking funding for a felt covered table for tabletop games.

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