ASUAF Recap, Nov. 6: ASUAF considers funding a scholarship


The senate did their second reading of the resolution in appreciation of Erica Iseri, and unanimously voted it down.

The student affairs committee decided that the resolution should be scrapped in favor of a bill that would donate money to scholarships for students studying abroad, which would support the work that Iseri performed at UAF.

In the past, ASUAF has donated $15,000 to a scholarship fund for a faculty member who passed away, according to Anne Williamson

A bill to provide $1,000 from savings to UAF Nanook Traditions to support the Governor’s Cup hockey event was reviewed. The senate requested that the ASUAF logo be put on the Governor’s Cup T-shirts. The bill was sent to the public relations committee for review.

The senate did the first reading of a bill that would announce support for allowing mace or pepper spray in campus dorms.

“Students who live on campus have expressed that they do not feel safe in their own dorms since they are not allowed to store mid-range self-protection in the form of mace in their own dorms,” reads the bill.

The bill was moved to the student affairs committee.

Electrical engineering grad student Nusrat Jahan presented her research during the meeting. She studied how to detect when Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly called UAVs, are hijacked or experiencing malfunctions. The senate had funded Jahan’s travel to a conference to present her research in a previous meeting.

ASUAF edited their elections manual to reflect that Reichardt will not be a polling station for student elections, with the Murie building replacing it. Polls at Murie will open no later than 10 a.m. and be open for a minimum of three hours. Polls at the Community and Technical College will be open for a minimum of two hours a day.

The changes were made with a vote — six in favor, one abstaining and one against.

Elections will take place from Nov. 24-31.


The senate nominated and appointed Enzo Fochessato and Aaron Cottle to the RISE Board with a unanimous vote.


Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Ivik Henry, Raymundo Lopez, O’Scannel, Diane Murph, Ryan Cain, Dawson Mann, Georgia Durden and Patrick Namwembe

Not Present: Cordero Reid and Joe Altman

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