ASUAF Recap- November 11, 2012

Claire-Elise Baalke/Sun Star Reporter
November 13, 2012

Senators Present

Blake Burley, Michael Golub, Olivia Bowen, Matthew Dakus, Bryant Hopkins, Beth Steele, Will Collingwood and Sarah Walker

Senators Absent

Alya O’Scannell, Michael Magnan, McKinley Zakurdaew, Rusty Young, Andy Chamberlain, Virginia Miner and Nathaniel O’Connor

Officers Present

Dillon Ball

Directors Present

Corey Boiko and Fred Brown

Guests Present

Lakeidra Chavis, a psychology student, and Kailey Skinner, an RA from the Sustainable Village, came to ask ASUAF to donate a swag basket to a fundraiser that will take place later this month. The funds raised at the event will go to supporting victims of Hurricane Sandy and the Alternative Spring Break team.

Senate Seat

Will Collingwood acted as the senate seat because of the O’Scannell’s absence.


Beth Steele was appointed to the senate by an unanimous vote. Daniel Strigle was appointed to the Elections Board by an unanimous vote.

University Relations Chair

O’Connor stepped down as chair of from the university relations. Steele nominated Dakus as the new chair. Dakus accepted the nomination. Hopkins was voted chair of the university relations board by a unanimous vote.

Revisions to the Elections Board

There were five changes to the elections board manual: a the change to a pool system where all candidates run against each other, that ASUAF members can vote for up to seven candidates, multiple votes by one person on the same ballot for the same candidate will be counted as one vote and if the candidate is an incumbent they must run for the seat they already hold. The legislation passed by a vote of 5-2-0.

Swag Idea

O’Scannell sponsored legislation “SB 179-008 Purchasing ASUAF Promotional Items.” The legislation would allocate $1,100 funding from the budgets of advertising and promotional items to purchase items such as mugs, sticky notes, and magnets featuring the ASUAF logo. These items will be sold to students, and the mugs will be used for hot drinks in the ASUAF office. The legislation was sent to the public relations board for review.

Travel Grant 

The UAF music department applied for and was awarded $2,502.26 from the ASUAF Travel Grant program in the last spring but did not turn in their receipts before the deadline.

Hopkins sponsored legislation “SB 179-009 Fulfillment of ASUAF Travel Grant to UAF Music Department Ensembles.” The legislation would fulfillment giving a reward to the Music Department that they did not receive because of lack of communications. These receipts were received recently so that they can hopefully receive the reward due to them for activities for the rest of the fiscal year. The legislation was expedited and the senate passed the bill by a vote of 7-0.

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