ASUAF Recap, November 15


Dianna Rupp / Sun Star

Present: Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk, Cordero Reid, Jonathan Quinones, Sabrina Martin and Allyssia Garcia.

Absent: Ryan Cain.

Absent Excused: Erik Rickards, Brandon Blum and Kayleen Hansen.

In a show of solidarity with the Veteran’s of UAF, ASUAF senators were able to pass a bill, SB 185-012, this past weekend outlining their intent to allocate up to $1,400 to the Veteran’s Resource Center for use in purchasing new computers.

After calling the meeting to order at 4:06 p.m. Sunday afternoon in room 208 of the Gruening building, senate officers began their reports. Though Government Relations Director Leslie Drumhiller and Public Relations Director Hannah Witherington were not present, President Mathew Carrick was able to claim 9.5 hours over the past week, followed by Vice President Colby Freel who claimed 29.5 hours spent working with the elections board and club council.  Senate Chair Jonathan Quinones claimed 10 hours spent working with student veterans.

Moving into committee reports, the Internal and Student affairs committees were unable to meet this past week, but the Executive Affairs committee was able to finalize travel applications and the Public Relations committee discussed the smoke out raffle to be held by DRAW later this month.

Finally, after sending SB 185-015, a bill detailing a proposal to have judicial checks done on senators before they are elected, and SB 185-013, a bill meant to assist the Student Veterans of UAF club by gifting them an additional $1,000 for use in club operations, to the student affairs committee, the senate was able to unanimously pass both SB 185-014, the bill that provides the funding for all finalized travel applications, and SB 185-010, which will provide DRAW with $500 for use in purchasing a bike as a prize for their smoke out raffle. Interim Senate Chair then thanked the senate and called the meeting to a close at 5:45 p.m.

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