ASUAF Recap: November 17, 2013

Kaz Alvarez/ Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 19, 2013

Senators present

Eli Barry-Garland, Matthew Carrick, Brix Hahn, Tayesia Nick, Shane Poindexter, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle and Sarah Walker

Senators absent

Cordero Reid and Lida Zakurdaew

Officers present

Michael Magnan

Officers absent

Ayla O’Scannell

Directors present

Michael Magnan and Sam Allen


Sharon Carrasquillo Torres, Lakeidra Chavis, McKinley Zakurdaew

Sun Star office space

Sun Star Editor-in-Chief Lakeidra Chavis is requesting support from ASUAF senators in getting a permanent office space within the Wood Center to maintain access to the student body.

Due to construction, the Sun Star office space is located within the former ASUAF Senate Chambers on the first floor. Sun Star staff is hoping to be located where Polar Perk is currently housed after construction of the new wing is completed. Chavis requested that ASUAF senators consider supporting efforts to acquire a central office location through the drafting of a resolution or the inclusion of a ballot question in the upcoming election.

Just visiting

McKinley Zakurdaew, previous ASUAF Vice President, attended to get a feel for the current senate again. He is currently gathering signatures from the student body to petition for a Fall senate seat.

Representing the CTC

Sharon Carrasquillo Torres came to the senate meeting to acquaint herself with the process and learn how she can help to represent the Community and Technical College.

Polling locations

Mancill encouraged all senators to advocate for the upcoming ASUAF elections on Nov. 25 and 26 and student participation. The polling locations are typically manned by senators and student organizations for $15 per hour. A volunteer sign-up sheet is available in the ASUAF Senate Chambers.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was unable to meet due to winter weather. The committee received 10 requests from students and student organizations for travel funding from ASUAF. These will be reviewed at the next committee meeting, and a bill will be presented to the senate the following meeting.

Internal Affairs Committee

The Internal Affairs Committee did additional planning for the ASUAF Senate Retreat.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee discussed the purchase of a small blimp. Rather than purchasing one, the committee is considering hosting a blimp engineering competition for UAF students and awarding the winning blimp’s team with gift certificates. Poindexter drafted a bill to purchase new comment boxes, and Reid is in the process of drafting a bill to purchase a lock to secure a new microwave.

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee met to discuss the upcoming election ballot, and what questions should be included. The committee will incorporate questions regarding Residence Life and a proposed change to staff and faculty policies that would remove tuition waivers. An amendment to reduce the amount of funding for tuition waivers was up for discussion at the November 6 Board of Regents meeting.

Additional discussion will take place at the December 12-13 meeting. The Student Affairs Committee is also collecting signatures for a petition to support their resolution to reform Residence Life policies and practices as well as both positive and negative testimonies from students.

Pony Party

SB 181-013 Arctic Brony Charity Fundraiser was sponsored by Strauch and will, if passed, provide the Arctic Bronies club with $150 to help pay for the cost of a DJ at their upcoming dance. The proceeds from the dance will benefit the Brony Thank You Fund Charity that channels funds to other causes such as The Marine Toys for Tots Campaign and Engineers without Borders. The bill was moved to the Student Affairs Committee.

Comment Boxes

SB 181-014 Installment of Campus-Wide Comment Boxes was sponsored by Poindexter, Reid, Hahn and Carrick to increase communications from the student body to ASUAF. The bill would, if passed, have a fiscal impact of $500 to the ASUAF Advertising and Promotional Items fund. The bill was moved to the Public Relations Committee for consideration.

Travel funding

SB 181-015, a lately submitted legislation turned in after the submission deadline, was sponsored by Hahn and received its first reading to authorize the use of travel funds for the Juneau Advocacy Trip delegates. T

he bill would have a fiscal impact of $4,300 to ASUAF funding. The bill was sent to the Executive Committee for consideration and changes. Strigle suggested that changes be made to the wording in regards to the source of the funding as the bill refers to a travel fund that does not exist.

New club support

Hahn is planning to meet with the president of the War Hammer Society to work out how they can receive support from ASUAF. The club is requesting $50 to $100 dollars to jumpstart their club. Hahn invited other senators to participate in the exchange.

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