ASUAF Recap-November 18, 2012

Claire-Elise Baalke/ Sun Star Reporter
November 20, 2012

Senators Present

McKinley Zakurdaew, Olivia Bowen, Michael Golub, Blake Burley, Sarah Walker, Alya O’Scannell and Beth Steele

Senators Absent

Bryant Hopkins, Matthew Dakus, Will Collingwood, Virginia Miner, Michael Magnan, Rusty Young, Andy Chamberlain and Nathaniel O’Connor

Officers Present

Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball

Coalition of Student Leaders

Freitag, Ball and O’Scannell attended the Coalition of Student Leaders Retreat in Anchorage on Thursday, Nov. 15, and Friday Nov. 16. The senators talked about the Strategic Direction Initiative which is meant to evaluate improvements that could be made to the UA system for all students attending university or college through it. There’s a survey posted on the ASUAF page on Facebook for student feedback on SDI. There was also preparation for the Juneau advocacy trip which ASUAF senators attend each year.

Meeting Cut Short

Zakurdaew made a motion that the meeting should be ended after the officer reports so that the ASUAF members could go on their retreat to Chena Hot Springs. Bowen seconded the motion and the meeting ended by a vote of 4-2. The meeting lasted 13 minutes.


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