ASUAF Recap November 23

Eric Bennett / UAF Sun Star

Senators in Attendance: Lachlan Gillispie, Cordero Reid, Amanda Garner, Jonathan Quinones, Kemper Chabotte, Mitchell Davidson, Kayleen Hansen, Allyssia Garcia, Mickey Zakurdaew, Colby Freel.

Senators Absent: Austen Whitney

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

Appointments: Jacob Sears was appointed to Government Relations, Brendan Blum to was appointed to Government Relations.

Food Pantry Donations:  Senators voted on a bill to donate $1,000 from rollover to purchase food and make more options available to students who need it at the UAF Food Pantry. It was said that it benefits all students and the bill was passed with full majority.

Furniture for ASUAF conference room: A bill to donate $2,500 from rollover into buying furniture for the ASUAF conference room in order to make functions possible was brought up. It was sent to the Executive Committee for discussion.

Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus: The bill that would ban smoke and tobacco products from being used on campus was sent back to the Public Relations committee for further discussion and to collect more information from the public.

Joseph Thompson Memorial Fund: Mathew Carrick gave a visual illustration to ASUAF, demonstrating that the money requested for the fund is much smaller than the current available rollover fund. He said that money that is not used for the students is wasted by sitting in a bank account.

Debate was held over the fiscal impact statement and changing it to $15,000 from rollover.

After much discussion, Garner attempted to close discussion since she believed that the senate was going in circles. The motion was voted down, to which further debate over the proceedings of closing discussion was held till a recess was called to reorganize.

To further clarify the debate, Mancill had the senate physically divide the room to a for and against side and have everyone move to their appropriate side. Each side was given 3 statements to make their case.

The against side said that many students are in opposition of having money they gave go towards a scholarship they may never have chance to get. The for side defended by saying that there are scholarships for many things, such as being left-handed, that students aren’t eligible for.

The against side asked for a recess, which was voted down primarily by the for side.

The for side reiterated that the fund will benefit 20.4% of the student body for 6.3% of the funds and will honor the memory of Joseph Thompson.

The against side said that the money will be going towards the Socratic Society, which the for side corrected that the money will not have any control by Socratic Society.

The against side said that the ASUAF should relate to the student views and that if a student had felt like they had a great relationship with Thompson, they still will not be able to apply for the scholarship. As well, if the scholarship is in the honor of a professor, there should be a scholarship for every professor that has passed away. They finished their statements by saying that an ASUAF scholarship should benefit all UAF students and not just College of Liberal Arts students.

Debates finished and a vote was held to change change the total to $15,000. It passed.

Soon after the vote, senate finally voted on the bill and passed 6 to 2, with 1 abstaining.

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