ASUAF Recap: November 24, 2013

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 26, 2013

Senators present

Matthew Carrick, Brix Hahn, Tayesia Nick, Shane Poindexter, Cordero Reid, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker and Lida Zakurdaew

Senators absent

Eli Barry-Garland

Officers present

Michael Mancill and Ayla O’Scannell

Guests present

Derek Williams, Christopher Clement, Erik Rickards and Jordan Houlton

Funds needed for fencing

Williams and Clement indicated to the senate that they will be seeking funding for fencing equipment for the UAF Fencing Club. The club currently has equipment to host their meetings in Old University Park Elementary, but the UAA Fencing Club recently lost the equipment that they use to host national qualifier tournaments for the State of Alaska. The equipment was owned by a student who, upon graduation, took the equipment with him. The UAF Fencing Club is utilizing existing funds to purchase equipment to fill the gap and host a qualifying tournament for Alaska.

The club is requesting $700 from ASUAF to supplement their current investments. Zakurdaew requested that they attend another senate meeting with a full budget and proposal in hand.

War Hammer club represented

Erik Rickards came to represent the War Hammer club and support efforts to draft a bill that would fund the purchase of table top game equipment. Previously, the group was asking for materials to make tables but recently was presented an opportunity to buy all of the equipment needed, sans plywood, for $200.

Senate candidate

Jordan Houlton attended to get a feel for the current senate and see how things are run. She is running for a fall senate seat.

Presidential Update

The Publications Board voted on its new governance agreement this week and the agreement failed. O’Scannell will be working with the board to make changes and try again. For the upcoming Juneau Advocacy Trip, O’Scannell intends to push for funding a new power plant at UAF over funding new buildings.

For the good of the senate

Strauch encourages senators to communicate their opinions on the Residence Life resolution. Her goal is to have the resolution finalized within two weeks. The Student Affairs committee is considering setting up a table in the Wood Center with a computer so that students can type up their testimonies. The committee is now accepting handwritten testimonies.

O’Scannell is also searching the ASUAF website to find errors and changes to be made.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee continued discussion on travel applications. They extended the deadline for three additional applications. They will finish discussing the Residence Life resolution at their next meeting and will also wait to provide consideration on two appointments to Elections Board until they receive biographies.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Committee wrote a bill to alter existing bylaws and discussed tabling events.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee discharged SB 181-014 Purchase of Wide ASUAF Comment Boxes with a positive recommendation with a vote of 3-0-1. An individual involved with the Engineering Department spoke with the Public Relations Committee about sponsoring the creation of a blimp for ASUAF.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee discussed the Residence Life resolution and SB 181-013 Arctic Brony Charity Fundraiser. The committee discharged the bill to second reading with a favorable recommendation.

SB 181-014 Purchase of Wide ASUAF Comment Boxes

The bill was sponsored by Poindexter, Reid, Hahn and Carrick to increase communications from the student body to ASUAF. The sponsors expect expenses to be no more than $500. The bill was opened to discussion and several changes were suggested. Several minor changes were made to the bill, and the title was changed to Purchase of Campus-Wide ASUAF Comment Boxes.

Clarification was made on how many boxes will be available after this purchase and where the boxes will be located. Seven boxes will be placed around campus with three already existing in the ASUAF Office, one in the Lola Tilly Commons and one in the Rasmuson Library. The four new boxes will be placed in the Pub, the Patty Center, the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland Complex and in another location in the Wood Center.

Walker asked how many boxes are currently available and how visible they are to students. Currently, they are not very visible and have to be specifically requested. The new boxes will have a pocket on the front for flyers and bright signs. Walker’s final suggestion was that the ability to share comments online should be advertised.

The bill passed with a vote of 7-1-0, Walker abstained.

SB 181-013 Arctic Brony Charity Fundraiser

Sponsored by Strauch, Poindexter and Walker, the bill will provide $150 to the Arctic Brony Club so that the club can contract a DJ for a fundraiser dance. After some discussion, the bill was passed unanimously.

Other Business

O’Scannell has been looking into creating a regional retreat for student leaders at UAF’s satellite campuses. This would develop relations with satellite campuses, improve communication about issues and encourage more student government activity.

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