ASUAF Recap, November 8


Dianna Rupp / Sun Star

Present: Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk, Erik Rickards, Jonathan Quiñones, Brandon Blum, Sabrina Martin, Ryan Cain, Kayleen Hansen.

Absent: Allyssia Garcia and Mickey Zakurdaew.

Absent Excused: Cordero Reid.

During this week’s senate meeting, ASUAF senators chose to unanimously pass a bill that will allot up to $2,700 to UAF student Laura Starr, who will be using the money to travel to New Delhi, India to attend a conference. The senate was also able to present and forward SB185-010 to the public relations committee. This bill will allot up to $500 to DRAW for use in purchasing a bike as a prize for a raffle they will be holding later this month in conjunction with the all American Lung Association.

The meeting was called to order this Sunday at 4 p.m. by Senate Chair Quiñones in room 208 of the Gruening building. Guests Annette Freiburger and Octavia Harris were both present to speak on behalf of SB 185-010 and thanked the senate for their consideration. Proceeding into officer reports, Chair Quiñones claimed 14 hours over the past week that were spent primarily working with the American Lung Association to develop their bill. President Mathew Carrick claimed 25 hours over the past week that were spent at the UA Regent conference in Anchorage.

Though only the Executive Committee was able to meet this week, Committee Chair Sabrina Martin informed the senate the committee has been, and will continue, looking over travel applications and the review process has been going smoothly.

Finally, after discussing the recent Res Life survey and the possibility of asking for it to be redone on the basis that the questions didn’t quite address what the initial complaints were, the meeting was adjourned at 4:38.

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