ASUAF Recap, Oct. 2: Dana Thomas discusses trainings and sports

Interim Chancellor Dana Thomas faced questions regarding Haven and AlcoholEdu training and potential athletic cuts when he visited the Oct. 2 meeting of ASUAF.

Colby Freel, ASUAF president, brought up privacy concerns regarding data students provide to EverFi, the private company that created the training programs. It is unclear what rights EverFi holds with regard to the data, according to Freel.

“My understanding is that the company retains all of that information and can distribute it as [EverFi] sees fit,” Freel said. “So my question is has your office or maybe the general council looked more closely at that issue and our student’s privacy rights?”

The information that students give to EverFi is primarily in an optional questionnaire, Thomas said. He also stated he would look into the policy further.

Thomas brought up some other ideas, including replacing the training with a required general education course. It’s important to note that unless the course is reduced cost, even a one credit course would cost more than the fine, according to Thomas.

Thomas said the administration was looking into a having a shorter course for students who are only taking one course especially since that demographic of people are usually members of the Fairbanks community who are not traditional students and students over 25 years of age have shown reluctance to completing the training.

The $150 fine was originally $300 as proposed by the Title IX office, but the Chancellor’s Cabinet agreed on $150, according to Thomas.

Thomas brought up the cost of sports teams and the fact that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires colleges with sports to have a minimum of ten teams. The UA Board of Regents have voted to not consider complete elimination of the sports teams, according to Thomas. The board is trying to get permission from the NCAA to allow Alaska to have fewer than the required ten teams, which would be the first such exemption if approved.

Freel believes students value athletics enough to provide for them financially if needed. ASUAF will conduct polls to learn more about student’s thoughts, Freel said.

Active and Innovative Minds Student Officers Huckleberry Hopper and Enzo Fochesatto gave a short presentation about their club, which helps students start their own businesses. They discussed the successes of their club such as getting first, second and third place at the Start-Up Weekend competition. Hopper and Fochesatto are hoping to get the club to be self-sustaining and even possibly giving money back to the School of Management. They also are looking into ways for the Office of Sustainability to privately support itself.

The Senate confirmed Murph to the Elections Board. They nominated Lopez and O’Scannel for the Student Affairs Committee Chair, where Lopez received 2 votes with 3 abstaining.

During the Officer Reports Anderson-Agimuk stated he and Freel will be giving a State of the Association address on Oct. 25.

The 3 committees, Internal Affairs, Public Relations and Student Affairs had nothing to report. The Executive Committee has still not had their first meeting.

The Senate discussed SB 187-003 Purchase of ASUAF Branded Shirts or Vests and SB 187-004 An Act to Fund “Student Government Perks.” They did not, however, vote on anything.


The Senate confirmed the presidential appointments of Dawson Mann and Joe Altman to the ASUAF senate.


Present: Raymundo Lopez, Ryan Cain, Molly O’Scannel, Diane Murph, Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Patrick Namwembe

Not Present: Ivik Henry excused, Cordero Reid (was present for the first half of the meeting)

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2 Responses

  1. db cooper says:

    Please poll the students if they are willing to take on $2,000 in college loan debt to suppourt UAF athletics.

  2. WrathofDog says:

    It’s a fucking shame the ASUAF student government cares more about the possible and hypothetical violations of students privacy rather than students actually being assaulted and victims of sexual violence. The ASUAF student government supported Haven and last year; didn’t they provide funding? Members of ASUAF also post on FB and use gmail to discuss their privacy concerns of Haven and; hilarious as both FB and gmail are both upfront about selling individuals user data to third parties. Why doesn’t ASUAF look in to the privacy concerns of using gmail if they legitimately care about students privacy?

    ASUAF has put more energy in to complaining about privacy concerns than they have for victims of violence and rape. If they care about students why are they not standing up for victims? Where is their support for students who have actually suffered an injustice? For students who have actually been the victim of a crime?

    Hey, ASUAF, why don’t you fucking do something rather than just complain? Or, is complaining all you know how to do? Students are ACTUALLY being assaulted and raped. Do something to make our campus safer. ASUAF is engaged in the wrong conversation.

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