ASUAF Recap, Oct. 23: Senate debates discounts for students

Senators held their second reading of “An Act to Fund Student Government Perks.” The goal of this bill was to attach certain discounts to various local businesses for UAF students, allowing them benefits by showing their Polar Express card at the business.

“He basically said that the vast majority of students use it commonly at the businesses nearby the university and that the students really appreciate it,” Mann said, voicing the opinion of a student from an Arizona university that has adopted a similar program.

“My concern is, what keeps a franchise owner up here honoring that discount… with the cost of business being higher?” Senator Joe Altman said.

After much discussion, it was eventually decided to send the Perks back to the Student Affairs committee until such time as certain questions were answered. The use of the Polar Express card, which could be considered UAF property, was debated. The distance of chosen businesses from campus was also scrutinized, considering Fairbanks is fairly spread out compared to many Lower 48 cities.

An override of President Colby Freel’s line item veto of an already-passed bill, “AIM High and Succeed,” was put to a vote. Freel previously vetoed $250 of the approved $2,750 budget. The $250 was intended for the purchase of snacks, an expense typically covered by general club funding already provided by ASUAF.

“We’re still giving them the bulk of the funding,” Cordero Reid said, “but at the same time we’re taking some back … so that money can be better allocated for another project line.”

With the veto, the total funding given would be $2,500, instead of the proposed $2,750. The override of the veto failed, with 6 votes against, 2 votes for the override and 1 abstaining.


Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Henry, Cordero Reid, Lopez, O’Scannel, Diane Murph, Joe Altman, Mann, Patrick Namwembe and Ryan Cain

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