ASUAF Recap: Oct. 27, 2013

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 27, 2013

Senators present

Senators Present Matthew Carrick,Tayesia Nick, Cordero Reid, Shane Poindexter, Jonathan Quinones, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker and Leda Zakurdaew

Senators absent

Brix Hahn and Michael Wilson

Officers present

Michael Mancill

Officers absent

Ayla O’Scannell


Emily Smola and Hannah Witherington

“SB 181-008 Food for Thought Committee Super Bill”

Strauch, Barry-Garland, Reid, Carrick and Hahn sponsored the legislation, which would improve the structure and functionality of the ASUAF Food for Thought Committee by better informing the student body on the composition of the senate and to facilitate communication between students and ASUAF. The bill was moved to Student Affairs Committee.

“SB 181-009 Funding for Rackin’ in the Rice”

Carrick and Strauch sponsored the legislation which would give $50 to the Rackin’ in the Rice event for the purchase of raffle tickets, rice and beans run by UAF Honor Student Emily Smola. Carrick motioned to expedite the bill and was seconded by Reid.  The bill was expedited and passed unanimously by the senate.

“SB 181-010 updating section 200.5 of ASUAF Bylaws”

Carrick and Zakurdaew sponsored the legislation. The bill would update and clarify section 200.5 of the ASUAF bylaws. The bill updates language in the bylaws to accurately reflect the number of senate seats.

The amendment passed unanimously by the senate.

“SB 181-011 Funding for ASUAF Office Banner to increase visibility in Wood Center”

Hahn and Carrick sponsored the legislation, which would purchase an ASUAF banner for advertising and promoting the ASUAF office location. The  banner will cost $150.

The bill was put to a vote and passed unanimously by the senate.

“SR 181-001 Reformation of Residence Life Policies and Practices”

Strauch sponsored the resolution, which would encourage the Chancellor to form an exploratory and action-oriented third party committee whose purpose shall be to gather data on the polices and practices of UAF Residence Life and obtain confidential testimony from students as well as former and current Residence Life and obtain confidential testimony from students as well as former and current Residence Life employees in order that system-wide improvements shall occur. The legislation was sent to Executive Committee.

“SB 181-007 Fittest Winner Competition Funding”

Strigle opened the floor for discussion regarding a bill sponsored by Zakurdaew and Reid to support the student division of the Fittest Winner Competition with $400 from Senate Projects.

Senators raised concerns was that the program does not have a sustainable funding source and will have a limited impact on the student body. Remarks in favor of the bill included the effort put into the planning of the event and the healthy lifestyle that the competition encourages. The bill was put to vote resulting in 6-3-0 with Carrick, Nick and Quinones voting against the bill.

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