ASUAF Recap – Oct. 30, 2011

Jeremia Schrock/ Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 1, 2011

Senators in attendance
Arthur Martin
Jennifer Chambers
Chelsea Holt
John Netardus
Robert Kinnard III
Michael Golub
Christian Burns-Shafer
Jesse Cervin
Blake Burley
Will Collingwood
Fred Brown
Rusty Young
McKinley Zakurdaew
Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita
Andy Chamberlain

Senators absent
Timothy Grediagin

Three new senators named
President Mari Freitag appointed Fred Brown, Rusty Young and McKinley Zakurdaew to the ASUAF senate. Senators Arthur Martin and Christian Burns-Shafer spoke well of Brown and Zakurdaew prior to their confirmation by the senate.

Club council bill tabled
“SB 177-018: Club Council Ad-Hoc Committee” remains in the internal affairs committee. The committee chose to keep the bill for additional review, committee chair Arthur Martin said. Martin would like to see the bill moved to the senate by the next meeting.

Senate retreat set
The senate’s Nov. 13 retreat was moved to Nov. 27. The date was changed to allow for the attendance of Joe Hayes, Alumni Association director.

Four bills still in committee
“SB 177-004: T-Shirts for Quidditch Club,” “SB 177-014: Water Quality Testing,” “SB 177-015: Sponsoring Power Play Event at the Museum of the North” and “SB 177-016: Recognizing Quidditch Club’s Participation” continue to sit in the student affairs committee. The committee did not make quorum this past week, said Robert Kinnard III, a member of the committee.

Sabra Phillips honored
The senate passed “SR: 177-001A: In Recognition of Sabra Phillips,” a resolution in honor of the aforementioned former ASUAF executive officer. Phillips began working for ASUAF in 1990 until she resigned in May of this year. The resolution read that Phillips “is one of the greatest sources of institutional memory in the association” and that she “will continue to be greatly missed in the ASUAF office.” The bill was passed by a vote of consent, meaning as long as no senator objects to a motion it is automatically adopted.

Error correction
Our Oct. 25 issue incorrectly stated that committee chairs would receive an extra $500 each for their discretionary use. While extra money has been allotted to the committee chairs, the amount is $500 total for all five chairs. Each chair will  receive $100.

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