ASUAF Recap, Oct. 9: Senate approves $4,000 in grants

Two graduate students, Abir Hasan and Nusrat Jahan, attended the meeting to request travel funds to the International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology.

Senators Murph, Namwembe and Lopez sponsored SB 187-005 to give Jahan $1,000 for travel to the conference. The bill received unanimous support from the Senate. The reasoning was that student government’s role is to support student research and representation of UAF at conferences.

The Senate also voted on SB 187-002 to fund a climbing pod for the UAF Cadet Club and the public. The Cadet Club asked for $3,000 to build the pod, which the Senate is drawing from ASUAF’s savings.

“It’s basically a bunch of pull up bars all over each other,” Cain said. “So a group of people can work out.”

The senators had concerns over whether the $3,000 would be able to cover the full expenses, however they elected to vote on the bill now and give more funds in a separate bill if needed. SB 187-002 received 5 votes in favor and 1 abstaining.


The Senate had two appointments to the RISE board, however neither party was present so they were tabled until the next meeting.

The Senate nominated Altman to the elections board and subsequently voted him in unanimously.


Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Ivik Henry, Molly O’Scannel, Dawson Mann, Joe Altman, Ryan Cain, Patrick Namwembe

Not Present: Diane Murph (excused), Cordero Reid (excused), Raymundo Lopez (excused)

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