ASUAF Recap- October 13, 2013

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 15, 2013

Senators present

Matthew Carrick, Brix Hahn, Cordero Reid, Tayesia Nick, Shane Poindexter, John Quinones, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker and Leda Zakurdaew

Senators absent

Eli Barry-Garland and Michael Wilson

Officers present

Ayla O’Scannell


McKinley Zakurdaew, Hannah Witherington and Robert Kinnard

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega member and former ASUAF senator McKinley Zakurdaew attended the meeting. Zakurdaew talked about how changes to Gov Cup will be handled, the new food pantry operated by Student Activities Office and creating a gift tree.

The Governor’s Cup will no longer have two games on the same weekend but will be divided between the week before finals and Spring Break. The bus will now cost $20 per person due to an increase in charter cost from $2,250 to $3,200.

ASUAF has budgeted $1,000 for Gov Cup. Zakurdaew also requested that ASUAF put their support behind the new food pantry that will be operated by the Student Activities Office. APO intends to seek help funding a potential gift giving project for the needy.

Communications to the senate

Reid spoke with Jerri Maxwell, Assistant Director of Wood about putting aquariums in the building. Reid said that Maxwell was supportive of the idea. The cost estimate for a 200 liter aquarium could cost $25,000.

For the good of the senate

Strigle suggested that senators commit time to providing volunteer labor for the new food pantry.

Reid spoke with OIT about the incorporation of ASUAF into the UAF mobile app. The app might include polls and senate profiles.

SB181-003 Amendment to the financial procedure bylaws

SB 181-003, sponsored by Carrick, Barry-Garland and Leda Zakurdaew, would remove bylaw 1220.2. The bill was put to a vote and passed unanimously by the senate.

SB 181-004 Start-up funding for Aerial Club

SB 181-004, sponsored by Strauch, Poindexter and Carrick, received its first reading. The legislation will allocate $1,300 to the Aerial Silk Club for the purpose of purchasing 5 sets of equipment to provide a new athletic activity on campus. The bill was moved to the Student Affairs Committee.

Confirmation of appointments

Appointment to the Publications Board was between Journalism student and KSUA General Manager Brady Gross and Seantor Reid. Gross had the support of three-fourths of the Public Relations Committee. The appointment was put to a vote and received 3 in favor of Gross and 4 in favor of Reid. Strauch abstained. Reid was appointed to the position of Publications Board chair. The Publications Board is responsible for hiring the Sun Star Editor-in-Chief.

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