ASUAF recap, Oct. 18


ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

Diana Rupp / Sun Star

Present: Cordero Reid, Jonathan Quinones, Sabrina Martin, Ryan Cain, Allyssia Garcia and Mickey Zakurdaew.

Absent: Brandon Blum and Aileen Hadaway.

Absent Excused: Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk, Erik Rickards and Kayleen Hansen.

Sunday’s annual senate meeting saw the passing of three senate bills and one senate resolution, as well as an informal debriefing regarding current university affairs by president Mathew Carrick. The meeting was called to order at 4 p.m. in room 208 of the Gruening building by Vice President and interim senate chair Colby Freel.

After unanimously approving the agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting, the senate saw Zach White nominated and confirmed to the elections board before moving onto officer reports. Though Senate Chair Jonathan Quinones and Vice President Freel were unable to report hours for the week, President Carrick claimed 22 hours over the past week that were spent primarily on working with the Chancellor Search Committee to develop a schedule for the search and a draft of the positions description, as well as attending discussions about the possible tuition increase. Though a rough draft of the new budget includes a cut of $15 million to the university’s budget, future legislature may help to improve the situation, and student’s can expect an increase in tuition, if any, of nine percent or lower. Following President Carrick, Public Relations Director Hannah Witherington claimed five hours the past week spent primarily on designing an official seal for the senate, and Government Relations Director Leslie Drumhiller reported four hours and 45 minutes spent working with Anne Wien Elementary’s student council, who will be visiting the ASUAF offices in November.

Moving into committee reports, all committees were able to meet over the past week and discuss any bills or resolutions given to them. The public relations committee was also able to work on the President’s dance and sent out an email for those interested in helping. After finishing up with committee reports, the senate moved into the first reading of SB 185-007, a bill designed to help with the creation of the Alaska Advantage Incentive Program scholarship, and were able to send the bill to the executive committee for further discussion.

To close out the meeting, the senate opted to pass SB 185-002b, a bill focusing on restructuring the CTC governance council, SB 185-004, a bill that allotted up to $12,960 to the Sun Star for use in purchasing new computers, SB 185-005, which outlines the allocations to be given to individual clubs as funding, and SR 185-002, a resolution from the senate in support of Indigenous Peoples Day. After a final roll call, the meeting was adjourned at 5:39.

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