ASUAF Recap- October 28, 2012

Claire-Elise Baalke/Sun Star Reporter
October 30,2012

Senators Present

Will Collingwood, McKinley Zakurdaew, Alya O’Scannell, Michael Golub, Michael Magnan, Olivia Bowen, Blake Burley, Matthew Dakus, Virginia Miner and Sarah Walker

Senators Absent

Rusty Young, Nathaniel O’Connor, Bryant Hopkins and Andy Chamberlain

Officers Present

Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball

Directors Present

Corey Boiko and Fred Brown


Sun Star Editor-in-Chief Elika Roohi, KSUA Program Director Annie Bartholomew, KSUA General Manager Rebecca File and KSUA Music Director Brady Gross attended the meeting to speak about a petition the governance groups are currently working on to get an initiative on the fall ballot to raise the ASUAF fee.

Daniel Strigle is the new Senate clerk.

ASUAF swag discussed

Freitag spoke of writing up a bill that would buy mugs to sell to students for the free coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cider in the ASUAF office.

Background checks for volunteers

The scheduled Halloween bash that supposed to take place in the Wood Center was cancelled because the state administration wants more security when underage children are involved. This would require all volunteers to have background checks. This was asked of all the volunteers a week before the event and the bash was cancelled because no one could get it done on time. There is also a $50 fee per person for a background check. Freitag said it was poor timing to ask a week before the event and it is ridiculous to ask volunteers to have to do that.

Petition for fee increase

Roohi, Bartholomew, File and Gross attended the meeting to support a $7 increase in the Student Government fee from $35 to $42.  The ASUAF fee has not been raised in nearly 10 years, and the Sun Star has historically faced financial hardship.  The $7 increase would allocate more money to the ASUAF governance groups: KSUA, The Sun Star and Concert Board. In addition, this would restructure the fee distribution for ASUAF and the governance organizations. If the groups are able to get enough signatures on the petition, the question will be on the general ballot during the ASUAF elections in November.

Student travel applications

The executive committee is working with the president to get the student travel applications out. They will be available on Monday and are due Nov. 16. The available funds for groups and students doing academicrelated travel is $12,250.


The Board of Trustees hasn’t been managed in nearly 10 years and now needs nominees.

Derek Miller was the last president to try and tackle it, and he rewrote the trust agreement. Collingwood nominated himself for the Board of Trustees and Magnan seconded. Golub nominated Zakurdaew and he accepted. Zakurdaew moved to table the nominations, until next week. The senate voted and the motion is tabled until the next ASUAF meeting.

There are three senate appointments for the Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy board that reviews proposals of UAF students for sustainable additions to campus. Collingwood nominated Zakurdaew and he accepted. Dakus nominated himself. Golub nominated Collingwood and he accepted. Collingwood made a motion to table nominations until next week. The senate tabled nominations was passed by a vote of 7-0.

Young was nominated to serve on the elections board, and was seconded. Zakurdaew nominated Strigle who accepted the nomination, and he motioned to table the election board nominations until next week as well.

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