ASUAF Recap: October 6, 2013

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 8, 2013

Senators present

Eli Barry-Garland, Matthew Carrick, Brix Hahn, Tayesia Nick, Shane Poindexter, Jonathan Quinones, Cordero Reid, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker, Mickey Wilson and Leda Zakurdaew

Senators absent

Ashley Strauch

Officers present

Michael Mancill

Officers absent

Ayla O’Scannell

Director’s present

Michael Magnan


Courtney Enright, Ayşe Yeager and Shaun Bond

Director update

Magnan, Director of Government Relations Board, spent time contacting local and state government officials to open channels of communication. He is also keeping an eye on how anything with the government shutdown might impact the students.

Student Regent update

During the Sept. 22 Board of Regents meeting, a proposal regarding increased tuition for next year was considered. The proposed increase will not be a flat rate next year. Tuition will increase based on class level. A presentation on differential tuition was given but no decision was made. According to Enright, the issue was sent to University of Alaska President Pat Gamble for him to make a decision. 

For the good of the senate

Strigle will appoint a student to the Government Relations board. Strigle is looking for candidates who pay close attention to government news and have for the commitment.

Comment cards

The senate received comment cards from students for improving campus. Suggestions included installing fish tanks on campus, providing public microwaves and a request to consider how UAF is poorly equipped for individuals with handicapneeds. The suggestions were forwarded on to the Public Relations Committee and Student Affairs Committee.

Freak Week

Anne Williamson, ASUAF Office Manager, received a request from Residence Life for funds and volunteers to assist with Freak Week events. Freak Week spans from Oct. 26-31 and provides residents with recreational activities during the week of Halloween.

New mats needed

Ayşe Yeager and Shaun Bond approached the senate to discuss the replacement of mats in the Student Recreation Center. Fitness classesstudents and community members use the mats. The current mats were bought in 1984, and are 29-years-old. The mats are deteriorating and becoming unsafe for use. “I’m here asking for money or help to pass a bill through whatever channel I need to go through,” said Yeager.

Reid asked if the mats posed a significant risk of injury. “I would say there is. The padding is disintegrating. You can get really hurt if you land on an area without padding,” Bond said. Yeager has found several price options for new mats ranging from $200 to $500 apiece with goal being to acquire 12 new mats. The senate provided suggestions for alternative funding and Hahn requested a formal budget from Yeager and Bond prior to ASUAF commitment. 

Nominations for the Food for Thought Committee

Poindexter moved to table nominations for the Food for Thought Committee until the next ASUAF meeting, Hahn seconded the motion and the decision was passed unanimously.

Sun Star Publication Board

Nominations were opened for the Publications Board. Barry-Garland nominated Brady Gross and was seconded by Hahn. Carrick nominated Reid and was seconded by Zakurdaew.  Carrick moved to expedite nominations and move  to consideration of appointments. Reid seconded the motion. A vote of 5-3-1 was given.  Barry-Garland, Hahn and Reid opposed and Wilson abstained.  A two-thirds vote is required so the motion failed. The nominations were sent to the Executive Committee.

Public Orders

Reid Moved to discharge the consideration of John Quinones’ appointment from Executive committee and was seconded by Zakurdaew. The motion passed with 8-0-1. Poindexter abstained.

Barry Garland motioned to discharge the appointment of Wilson to Media Board from Executive Board and seconded by Reid. The motion passed unanimously and was moved to confirmation of appointments.

Confirmation of Appointments

Quinones’ appointment to a senate position was put to a vote and received unanimous approval. Quinone was sworn in by the senate chair. Quinones’ nomination to the Food for Thought committee was recommended by senator Strauch. It was put to a vote and received a vote of 9-0-1. Quinones abstained.

Wilson’s appointment to Media Board was opened to discussion and put to a vote. Wilson was voted in unanimously by the senate.

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