ASUAF Recap, Sept. 25: Lost paperwork precludes meeting

Present: Ivik Henry, Cordero Reid, Raymundo Lopez, Ryan Cain, Diane Murph

Not Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk excused, Joseph Degraft-Amanfu unexcused

As Anderson-Agimuk was out of town, Cain served as the interim senate chair.

Joe Altman, a UAF student, attended as an interested party.

The senate started an approval of the minutes, however, they did not have the last meeting’s minutes so they moved on.

During the Officer Reports, Government Relations Director Matt Mertes said that he is setting up an on-campus debate between John Coghill and Luke Hopkins, who are running for Alaska State Senate.

The three ASUAF committees, Internal Affairs, Public Relations and Student Affairs, had nothing to report. The Public Relations committee has no members currently. The Executive committee has not yet had their first meeting.

SB 187-003 Purchase of ASUAF Branded Shirts or Vests was brought up and subsequently tabled until next meeting due to the fact that it could not be found. No further legislation was discussed.


The Senate confirmed the presidential appointment of Patrick Namwembe as well as elections board appointment of Molly O’Scannell to ASUAF Senate.

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