ASUAF Recap- September 16, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/Sun Star Reporter
September 18, 2012

Senators present

Will Collingwood, Bryant Hopkins, Charles Allison, Virginia Miner, Michael Golub, Sarah Walker, Michael Magnan, Andy Chamberlain, Rusty Young, McKinley Zakurdaew and Blake Burley

Senators absent

Nate O’Connor

Officers present

Mari Freitag

Directors present

Joshua Banks


Matthew Dakus, a 19-year-old mathematics student, attended the meeting to learn more about ASUAF and is interested in becoming the senate. ASUAF’s advisor, Anne Williamson, also attended the meeting.

Please don’t stop the music

Freitag nominated RJ Mikulski to be chair of Concert Board. Concert Board is a program that gives students the opportunity to promote music, host artist performances and plan events for the campus and Fairbanks community. The senate unanimously confirmed Mikulski’s appointment to Concert Board.

Represent yo school, bro 

Freitag nominated ASUAF senate chair, Ayla O’Scannell, to be the UAF student delegate for the Coalition of Student Leaders. CSL is a statewide organization where students representing their college or university come together to discuss ways to make their schools and the University of Alaska better. Freitag, who has served as delegate for the past two years, wanted someone else to take her place. “I’m going to graduate this year and I want somebody to have experience with Coalition of Student Leaders,” Freitag said.The senate unanimously confirmed O’Scannell to serve as student delegate.

When in doubt, snowboard

O’Scannell sponsored legislation “SB 179-002 Nanook Terrain Park.” The bill would allocate $50,000 to the Terrain Park project. The Terrain Park will open in the spring of 2013 and will serve as a snow boarding and ski hill. The hill is located near the Butrovich Building, which is across the street from the Arctic Health Research Building. The legislation would help “with ASUAF’s outreach and public awareness initiatives.” The legislation was sent to the public relations committee.

Oh no you didn’t!

Freitag voiced her concerns about the broomball legislation that was passed by the senate during the last meeting. The legislation allocated $1,200 towards the second session of the much-loved intramural game. The senate voted on the legislation, despite its wordy content, due to time constraints. “I didn’t agree with a lot of the way the bill was laid out. I wish that more time had been spent on it,” Freitag said. “That’s not great reasoning to pass a bill when it’s going to benefit, like, less than 100 people”

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