ASUAF Recap, September 18: New members, discussion of Board of Regents Meeting

Present: Ben Anderson-Agimuk, Ivik Henry, Cordero Reid, Raymundo Lopez, Ryan Cain, Diane Murph.

Not Present: Joseph Degraft-Amanfu

After failing to reach quorum at their meeting last week due to a low attendance, two new members of the student government were able to be sworn in today by the five senators present as well as President Colby Freel.

Raymundo Lopez, a second year Petroleum Engineering student, joined the ranks as senator and Allyssia Garcia, a senior in the Political Science department, was appointed as Vice President. The appointment of Patrick Namwembe was tabled until next week.

Molly O’Scannel and Dawson Mann both attended as interested parties. Wyatt Hurlbut, Chair of the Rise Board and Jennifer Sybert from UAF ROTC were also present.

Sybert gave a presentation in hopes of acquiring funds adding to $5,000 for the construction of a pull up bar structure outside the SRC for ROTC cadet training. These would be open to the public. This was the second time Sybert had approached ASUAF about this project.

Sybert pointed out that the cadets could not wear their full gear on the pull up bar inside the SRC weight room and needing a place to complete their climbing drills.

“I know you had some difficulty with the summer senate, but I appreciate your follow through and perseverance,” Freel told Sybert.

Freel conducted an unofficial vote, which was unanimously in favor of the project.

During the officer reports, President Freel expressed his desire for a single credit course on Title IX and alcohol training despite student outcry, as well as the importance of gathering student input on Strategic Pathways and how the university is run in general.

Freel also gave the senators an overview of the decisions made over the weekend at the Board of Regents meeting in Juneau including the 10 percent tuition bump, Strategic Pathways models in production and the protection of athletics from complete cuts.

During a section entitled “For the Good of the Senate”, Cordero Reid expressed a desire for more thorough reports and more focus during meetings.

A resolution was passed in official appreciation of Erika Keiko Iseri and in grievance of her recent death. This resolution was then sent to the Public Relations Committee who will convene on the subject.

Hurlbut discussed the need for funding for the Office of Sustainability as it recently lost the chancellor match and needs enough funding to reopen their offices. This was voted in favor 3-0-0.

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