ASUAF Recap- September 2, 2012

Ian Larsen/ Sun Star Reporter
September 2, 2012

Senators present

Hopkins, Golub, Young, Zakurdaew, Collingwood, Magnet, Walker, Allison, Miner, O’ Scannell, O’Connor, Magnan, Brown

Senators absent

Shepard and Burley

Officers present

Freitag and Ball

Directors present

Boiko and Banks


Annie Batholomew came to the meeting seeking an appointment to Concert Board.

Consideration of appointments

Fred Brown nominated Alya O’ Scannell to senate chair.  No other nominations or objections were made. O’Scannel was appointed as senate by a unanimous vote.

“I solemnly swear”

Mari Freitag swore in Charles Allison, Virginia Miner, Sarah Walker, Michael Golub,  Michael Magnan, and Will Collingwood to office. By taking the oath of office, senators now have the ability to vote.

Minutes tabled

Minutes from the summer committee were tabled until next meeting, in order for senators to review them.

“For the good of the senate”

Collingwood (Executive), McKinley Zakurdaew (Internal Affairs), O’ Connor (Student Affairs), Chamberlain (University Relations) and Walker (Public Relations) were nominated and accepted positions as committee chairs. 

No music without representation

Collingwood nominated Annie Bartholomew and Young nominated Corey Boiko  for Concert Board representative. The nominations were tabled until the next meeting.

Broomball, two sessions for the price of one

Zakurdaew sponsered a bill to subsidize broomball, “SB 179-001-Subsidizing broomball sessions.”  The legislation will help lower the cost of broomball for students. ASUAF will allocate up to $4,000 to subsidize the second broomball quarter for students who pay the $25 fee during the first quarter of intramural sports. This legislation will cover 160 students for the second session of play. It was moved to the Student Affairs committee.

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