ASUAF Recap- September 30, 2012

Lakeidra Chavis/Sun Star Reporter
October 2, 2012

Senators present

Will Collingwood, Bryant Hopkins, Virginia Miner, Michael Golub, Ayla O’Scannell, Michael Magnan, Andy Chamberlain, McKinley Zakurdaew, Blake Burley and Matthew Dakus

Senators absent

Sarah Walker, Charles Allison, Nate O’Connor and Rusty Young

Officers present

Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball

Directors present

Fred Brown


Members from the UAF chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers came to support legislation that would allocate $8,000 to SAE. Oliva Bowen, a 19-year-old biology student attended the meeting seeking senate appointment. Director of Recreation, Adventure and Wellness Mark Oldmixon attended the meeting to answer the senate’s questions about the Terrain Park.

Voting power is everything

Matthew Dakus was sworn into the senate after giving the oath of office.

To give or not to give

O’Scannell sponsored “SB 179-002 Nanook Terrain Park.” The legislation would allocate $50,000 towards the Nanook Terrain Park, which is expected to open at the beginning of spring semester. The legislation passed by a vote of 8-0-1. Burley abstained.

Clubbin’ with LIVE

Zakurdaew sponsored “SB 179-003 Start up Funding for Student Organizations and Clubs.” The legislation would allocate $300 to Leadership Involvement and Volunteer Experience, a leadership program on campus. LIVE would oversee the money. Josh Hovis, Student Organization Coordinator would requested the money. The first 12 new clubs this fall semester will each receive $25. The purpose of the money is to monitor how clubs spend their money. The legislation passed by a vote of 9-0-1. Magnan abstained.

What goes around comes around

Zakurdaew and Golub sponsored legislation “SB 179-004 Startup Funding for SAE.” The legislation would allocate $8,000 to SAE. The club would use the money to buy parts for the projects they build for competitions. Since the club receives funding that equals $8,000, but only after they have competed, the $8,000 allocated by the senate would help them before they compete. Once they receive the money from their competitions, they would replenish the money in the account that ASUAF allocated to them. A similar bill was passed by the senate  the last spring semester. Freitag vetoed it and plans to veto this legislation as well. Freitag said she did not approve of that much money being given to only one student club. The senate passed the legislation by a vote of 5-2-3. Miner and Dakus voted against the legislation. Zakurdaew and Magnan abstained.

Pizza and politics

Hopkins sponsored “SB 179-005 Funding for Pizza: 3rd Candidate Forum.” The legislation would allocate $300 to purchase pizza for the third candidate forum that will take place on Monday, Oct. 1. Since the purpose of the legislation was “to purchase pizza for the third and final candidate forum,” senate chair Ayla O’Scannell made the bill out of order. The purpose include the word “final” in it, so the senate would not be able to allocate money to another candidate forum since the purpose implies that the forum on Monday will be the last one of the year. Since the legislation could not be voted on, senators, directors and officers offered to allocate money from their contingency funds to cover the cost of pizza.

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