ASUAF senate holds special session to certify elections, allocate funds

Andrew Sheeler / Sun Star Reporter
May 16, 2011

The last ASUAF senate meeting of the year, on Friday, May 6, almost didn’t happen. Senators Arthur Martin, Jennifer Chambers, Dillon Ball, Robert Kinnard and Ryan Duffy were the only senators present out of the 13 members who currently make up the body. A meeting needs a certain number of senators to make quorum, meaning they can pass legislation. Quorum for the Friday special meeting was at the mercy of phone reception, as Senators Josh Cooper and Paul Pharr teleconferenced in. The meeting lost quorum briefly when Pharr’s phone was disconnected.

The special meeting was held as a response to student complaints regarding the spring ASUAF election. Students had come to the last meeting saying that their online write-in votes were not among those listed in the unofficial election results ASUAF posted shortly after the election concluded. Because of the complaints, the ASUAF elections board had to meet to formulate a response to be made at the special meeting. Robert Kinnard, chair of the elections board, said that response would take the form of a letter to the editor for the summer online version of The Sun Star. Kinnard also said that the elections board would, “try to defend [errors] from happening next year. That’s all we could do.”

The senate also certified the winners of the spring election, although there were no surprise wins. As the senate seat and concert board elections were all uncontested, every candidate officially running for a seat won. Michael Golub, a student and the head of the Society of Automotive Engineers at UAF, also won as a write-in for a number of seats. Mari Freitag and Dillon Ball were declared the winners of the presidential and vice presidential race, respectively.

The senators also voted unanimously to allot $1,000 to the ASUAF summer committee to purchase ASUAF promotional items. According to outgoing ASUAF President Nicole Carvajal’s 2011-12 budget projection, the student government expects to receive roughly $25,000 from student fees over the summer.

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