ASUAF Recap September 4: Student government struggles with low involvement

Present: Benjamin Agimuk, Ivik Henry, Diane Murph, Cordero Reid, Ryan Cain, Joseph Degraft-Amanfu

Newly elected student body President Colby Freel talked about the opportunities and challenges the current ASUAF administration faces in the coming year. The issue of student involvement was one President Freel stressed the most.

“Some of the challenges that [ASUAF] face is, low involvement and apathy and us not getting the word out,” President Freel said.

ASUAF met Sunday Sept. 4, the first time this semester to reach quorum despite the lack of senators. The union has been contending with a number of vacant positions. Hanna Witherington stepped down as Public Relations Director, vacating the position after a year and a half, and vice president has been vacant since the end of August when James Gilcrest stepped down from the position.

Senator Ryan Cain encouraged the senate to go to some of the freshmen level classes to recruit for the positions that the senate still needs to fill, namely senate seats, elections board, and vice president. President Freel is confident that by the end of the week the administration should have a vice president.

“It’s important to remember that when we’re speaking and we’re working it’s not just for us, but five thousand other people we’re here for,” Freel said.

Senator Cordero Reid and Joseph Degraft-Amanfu authored a bill to help make the meetings more accessible to senators and students. The bill, which was approved, allows the Senate to choose new locations and times to make convenient to meet for the senate. The Senate then rescheduled their meetings to 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. each Sunday in Room 202 of the Gruening building. This is the first time in recent years a senate changed bylaws in their first meeting.

ASUAF appointed Taylor Morgan to the UAF Concert Board by a unanimous vote. Morgan has a self proclaimed passion for local art and frequents many local musician’s concerts in Alaska. She wishes to help support more all ages shows and wants to see live music available at more than just bars. This will be her second year on the concert board.

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