Battleship: No aliens or game pieces

Claire-Elise Baalke/Sun Star Reporter
November 13, 2012

The potential future home of the intramural game Battleship at the Patty Center pool. Battleship is a game in which competitors try to sink the opposing team’s boat by filling it with water. Nov. 7, 2012. Cordero Reid/Sun Star

Student Organizations Coordinator Josh Hovis and New Student Orientation Coordinator Damien Snook are trying to start a new intramural sport called battleship. If you’ve seen the 2012 movie Battleship with Rihanna in it you aren’t too far off, since the movie is based on the board game. In this new game you will not find aliens, this is a interactive student-made game.

Battleship was originally a two-player guessing game, a board game of naval strategy published by the Milton Bradley Company. Of course that version is still in existence, it uses ship game pieces that players have to guess where the others’ ships are to try and sink them. This new battleship game without game pieces has become quite popular in the lower 48 according to Snook. Battleship consists of four teams of four people each with canoes in a swimming pool. Matched with hands or any selection from buckets, squirt guns or boogie boards teams pour water into opponents canoes trying to sink the other teams battleships.

Snook got the idea from his alma mater Iowa State University. “I discovered this from friends who work at other universities, whether in intramural programs or just work for student activities offices like that, and what they found is that its a really popular event because it doesn’t inter-lap with other intramurals or other sports or other activities,” Snook said.

According to Hovis, this idea is in the planning stages, but he would love to see it used as a tournament or fundraiser by student organizations or other groups. Hovis and Snook are working with the Department of Recreation, Adventure, and Wellness to see if battleship is a possibility at UAF. Hovis said battleship could be,”a unique fundraising opportunity for any clubs or organizations on campus that want to utilize the pool and draw people to an event that usually doesn’t take place on campus or at all.”

Hovis and Snook believe that battleship could become like Quidditch to UAF students with enough interest. Snook said that battleship would be a great winter-time activity and the idea was tossed around that it would be a good activity for Winterfest.

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