Beauties and geeks get their groove on

Rebecca Coleman / Sun Star Reporter
April 12, 2011

Glasses and suspenders were commonplace at the Beauties and Geeks Dance on Friday, April 8. Hundreds of students packed into the Wood Center Ballroom to dance to a mix of old and new hip-hop songs as deejayed by DJ 50/50.

People were reserved with their dancing at first, but once the room filled up, people relaxed and let loose. It wasn’t long before a group started break dancing, so the crowd formed a circle around them so everyone could watch.  Soon, basic break-dance moves turned into elaborate flips, earning cheers from the crowd.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been to a dance, and it’s awesome!” said freshman Marvin Lake.  Lake was fully decked out in geek attire, including rolled-up pants, suspenders, thick glasses, and a pin that read: “I am a Geek.”

“It’s pretty cool,” said freshman Evan Venechuk.  “I like the music, and the fact that everyone is dancing is pretty cool.” Venechuk dressed up as a geek, as well, but he took a different approach: he had plaid shorts, a plaid shirt, suspenders, glasses with tape in the middle, and a beanie.

Towards the end of the dance, there was a costume contest for the best beauty and geek outfits.  The winners, who were determined by crowd applause, won movie tickets.

The dance was a fundraiser for the brand new student organization, Students Offering Leadership Development (SOLD). The ambitions of the group are networking and identifying problems and weaknesses for people to work on in regards to their leadership skills. They are holding a leadership workshop in Denali at the end of April.

“Everything they do is about ‘what can we do for you?’” said graduate student Ed King, a SOLD member.  “There are a million other fundraisers they could have done, but they chose this because it would benefit the most students.”

“We thought it would be a good way to get to know the students and UAF community,” said Whit Garey, another SOLD member.

They picked the theme because “we are a group of a bunch of beauties and geeks, so we figured it would be perfect,” said Jordyn Montgomery, SOLD president.  Both Montgomery and Garey identified with the geek demographic, as demonstrated by their attire.

“We’re so pumped about this and hope in the future, we can put on another successful event like this,” Montgomery said.


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