Board game club cures boredom

Brix Hahn/Sun Star Reporter
October 23, 2012

The boardgame club created by president Benjamin Hurlock (near-left) plays their first board game Kingdom Builder on Oct. 17, 2012. Cordero Reid/Sun Star

James Engelhardt began collecting board games ten years go when he and his graduate school friends began a weekly game night. Now he owns over 350 board games ranging from “Kingdom Builder” to “Clue.” Currently Engelhardt is an Acquisition Editor for the University of Alaska Press.

Benjamine Hurlock, a sophomore biological sciences student, came up with the idea of launching a board game club last year after attending a game night for a different organization. Hurlock heard about Engelhardt’s extensive game collection and contacted him to propose the idea of starting a club. Following this UAF’s Board Game Club was born.

The purpose of the club is not only to play games, but to also bring together students of different backgrounds and interest groups.

“The more variety we have the better,” Hurlock said, “playing board games is all about the people. We’re trying to expand and stay open minded.”

Their advisor, Engelhardt, provides the majority of the games, and participates in the club’s activities. Board Game Club currently meets in Gurning 304, Wednesdays at 6 p.m. It is open to all students.

Currently the club has a total of five members.

“This is a good way to try a lot of different games,” said Sarah Seifert, a senior sociology student and club member. “I love the interaction that goes on around the board game.”

“We keep it casual and try a new game every week,” said Anthony Centrella, a fifth year senior psychology student and the club’s lieutenant captain. “I think the social environment is really important when you play a board game.”


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