Bust-a-Gut is a Hit at UAF

By Elika Roohi

Sun Star Reporter

John DiCrosta came to UAF Wednesday night, Sept. 15 to deliver a stand-up comedy show.  The Hess Recreation Center was packed with students attending Bust-a-Gut, a show put on by the UAF Student Activities Office (SAO) with the help of Alaska Comedy.

DiCrosta is no stranger to Alaska, or the UAF crowd.  “This is my eighth or ninth time here,” he said. “This is the best school I’ve done…tonight,” he said.

His performance was all the more impressive considering that he had been picked up about half an hour before he got on stage.

Jerry Evans started Alaska Comedy to try to get more of a comedy scene up in Alaska.  Alaska Comedy has brought up such comics as Kevin James and Christopher Titus.

“If you want something fun to happen, you have to do it yourself,” Evans said about beginning Alaska Comedy.  Evans does all the work from opening for the comics, to booking the tickets, to picking them up from the airport.

Alaska Comedy works with the SAO to bring comics to UAF, but they also work on booking comics around the state.

DiCrosta is staying in Fairbanks this time though.  “I’ll be in Fairbanks for the next five days,” he said.

DiCrosta is originally from New York, but he now lives in Los Angeles to be near his work.  “I do a lot of animation and voiceover work,” he said.  He played a voiceover part in the latest Transformers movie.

DiCrosta isn’t on the road as much as he used to be.  “I used to tour a lot,” he said, “but now I only tour a couple times a month.”

At one point, DiCrosta showed off his ventriloquism skills using an actual person instead of a dummy.  He spent an hour cracking jokes about anything and everything, utilizing his talent with different accents and voices.

At one during the show, DiCrosta said “When I was a little boy alone in my crib I dreamt of the day I’d be working in Fairbanks, Alaska.”


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