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Jake Chavez (guitar), wore a zombie cowboy getup, played a set with Bernie Bousa (drums) of The Wild Jumps Saturday night Oct. 29 at the Pub. Along with playing solo sets regularly, Jake is the front man of Barcelona Boys Choir.

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The Wild Jumps took the stage Saturday night for The Pub Halloween event. (Left to right) Michael Miller (guitar), Jeremy Larson (bass guitar), Bernie Bousa (drums), Allie Little (singer), Jeremy Larson (guitar). The band’s high-energy set included both covers and original songs. This was the last show The Wild Jumps will be playing in Fairbanks before moving to Portland, OR.

The week leading up to Halloween was full of activities as Residence Life hosted “Freak Week” on campus. Events this year included The Halloween Carnival at MBS, where children roamed the halls in search of candy and families gathered for craft making. There was a pumpkin carving contest held in Wood Center, which left gourd debris scattered across one of Wood Center’s folding tables and several moderately sized pumpkins with newly carved faces.

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Zane Taylor, a first year Computer Science student, and James Gilchrest, a Cutler RA and a senior Homeland Security and Emergency Management student, act out a fight in front of the projection while their group performs “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan during Residence Life’s Voodoo Lounge event on Friday night. Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star

On Friday Oct. 28 the Hess Recreational Center lounge was turned into a Voodoo Lounge for a karaoke session that began at 8 p.m. and lasted until midnight. DRAW hosted a black lights rock climbing event dubbed “Boulderween,” featuring students climbing in costume, candy and the chance to win a prize for displaying climbing skills.

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Eamon Stack muscles his way up one of the Boulderween routes. Stack has been climbing for nine years, and is the co-owner of the Ascension Rock Club with his wife, Audrey. Aaron Crabtree/Sun Star

Aaron Crabtree - 10-28-2016 Boulderween Kiersten Johnson (2).jpg

Kiersten Johnson participated in Boulderween for the first time on Friday. She is a junior in the Chemistry program at UAF, and has been climbing for five years. Aaron Crabtree/Sun Star

Aaron Crabtree - 10-28-2016 Boulderween Dakota Reinann-Kershner (2).jpg

Dakota Reinann-Kershner pulls himself up on ones of the Boulderween routes . He is a fifth year Geology student, and was one of the organizers of the Boulderween climb. Aaron Crabtree/Sun Star

Friday night also kicked off a weekend of events taking place at The Pub. Students were treated to a variety of cover songs played by local band, Shagg, and the first night of The Pub’s Halloween costume contest, which was won by Isaac Ladines, who dressed as Gandalf the Grey. The following Saturday night featured another local band, The Wild Jumps, and the conclusion of a second costume contest.

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William Hawkins, 3, and his brother Donald, 4, go trick-or-treating in Bartlett Hall on Saturday, Oct. 29. Sebastian Kratz, a Skarland RA and Communications student, led a group of four children and their guardians through Bartlett Hall. Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star

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Genevieve Bright, UAF Donor Relations Specialist and mother of Iris (left) and Brian (right), said she let them choose their own costumes this Halloween. “I told them they could be two things- not five. Iris chose ‘skeleton princess’ and Brian chose ‘dino ranger.'” Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star

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Benjamin Meyer, AKA "Ben the Balloon Guy," is a UAF Fisheries graduate student with a not-so-secret talent for balloon animals. Here, Meyer crafts a balloon wand for Jamie Ritchie, 7, who is dressed up as a dog. Ellamarie Quimby/Sun Star

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