Candidates stump on campus

By Andrew Sheeler
Sun Star Reporter

With two weeks to go before the general election, candidates for both statewide and federal office paid a visit to UAF.

Governor Sean Parnell and Joe Miller, Republican candidate for senate, joined roughly a dozen candidates for State Legislature in the Wood Center Ballroom Tuesday night, Oct. 12. The event, which was not advertised, drew a very small crowd. Roughly 40 people attended the event, most of them either candidates or their families.  Candidates took turns standing at a podium and talking about why people should vote for them. Between speeches, emcee Mike Tinker joked around.

“[Democrats] are running away from their records so fast you’d think they were running for governor of New York!” Tinker said.

During an interview, Parnell disputed UA President Patrick Gamble’s previous claim that “growth is dead.”

“I’m not sure why he would say that,” Parnell said. Parnell did say though that the university needed to provide more accountability for its spending.  He called himself a champion for the university and a supporter of the proposed life sciences building, but said he “understood the politics” behind Anchorage-area politicians who opposed it.

A common theme from candidates who spoke Tuesday night was creating a strong Fairbanks influence in the State Legislature. From Sen. John Coghill to Joe Michel, running to unseat Rep. Scott Kawasaki, the Republicans spoke of wanting a “Fairbanks Mafia” in Juneau.

Scott McAdams, Democratic candidate for senate, also visited the UAF campus Wednesday afternoon, Oct.13. McAdams came to the Wood Center and spoke with students and members of ASUAF. He also gave an interview to the UAF Sun Star.

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