Category: 2010-2011

Serial burglar apprehended on UAF campus

Police have detained a man whom they believe to be behind a string of recent thefts on campus. Charles Bottler Jr., 20, of Fairbanks was arrested by UAFPD on June 25 after being spotted on campus in violation of a criminal trespass order.

Google+ and the buzz wave of change

With a simple and elegant interface created by a former Apple designer, Google+ builds off another Google service, Profiles, and adds in all of the social features (friending, posting, liking) that you find on Facebook with the ability to follow people like you can on Twitter.

UAF professor to test UAV’s for Coast Guard

Gregory Walker has been tapped to assist the United Stated Coast Guard (USCG) in testing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) for installation on their polar icebreakers. With the potential for a more ice-free arctic looming on the horizon, the USCG is hoping to have a UAV installed on the icebreaker Healy by fall 2012.