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Google+ and the buzz wave of change

With a simple and elegant interface created by a former Apple designer, Google+ builds off another Google service, Profiles, and adds in all of the social features (friending, posting, liking) that you find on Facebook with the ability to follow people like you can on Twitter.

Tools of my trade

I have to say my year with The Sun Star has been pretty good. I wrote a column about tech issues, helped in the creation of an award-winning website, and discovered some pretty slick technologies in the process.

End of the Flip

A friend said that they kept hearing that you can’t buy the Flip video camcorder anymore, but that they are still for sale in stores, and wanted to know what gives.

The shipping bruise

Sometimes living in Alaska is just a huge pain. It’s not only the 40 below temperatures or the lack of sunlight, but the sheer costs we are forced to accept when having something delivered.

2011 – year of the tablet, Angry Birds

2011. The year after we made contact and the year before the world ends. It is also going to be known as the year of the tablet, as in, almost everyone reading this will either own or will have used one and realized a deeper need to possess ‘my precious. brings back browsing

I realized that I don’t surf the web anymore, and it’s a fairly big revelation. I used to wander around based on what Alta Vista and web rings threw at me, mainly as a way to discover some incredibly odd and unique sites. One of the weirdest was nothing but fan-fiction celebrating the alternate lives of Smurfs.