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Memorabilia Mishmash, Part II: Paperwork Pileup

Admittedly, some trips are more likely to fill your luggage with papers than others. If you’re going someplace you’ve been before or to a destination with a specific purpose – like a ski resort – you probably won’t feel much of a need to squirrel away every free city map or lift ticket.

Memorabilia mishmash, Part I: Photos

Virtually everyone has a stack of muddled vacation mementos lying around in their house: the photos you just never had time to sort through, the programs and maps that you kept perfectly pressed in your suitcase right up until the moment you got home, the weird little tchotchkes that were just so darling in the store window but look ridiculous on your bookshelf.

The Mile High Club

Travel intimacy has been lauded – and frequently lamented – in song and story ever since humans decided that life on two legs was a considerable improvement over knuckle-walking.

Gifts on the go

As Santa Claus, that most well-traveled of fellows, prepares to touch down on your roof in a couple of weeks, it seems high time to consider what you and other venturers on your holiday gift list might be excited to see under the tree this year. Some items are obvious.

Pack Light, Pack Smart

As Thanksgiving and Winter Break approach, many students will be contemplating plans to visit family or take a vacation. Whether you’re flying or driving, what you take and how you take it can determine the ease with which you travel.

Destination D.C.

One might think that America’s political parties would be ready for a break after the contentious midterm elections. It’s easy to imagine pundits and politicians alike breathing a sigh of relief as they sip their mai tais at an exclusive resort (thanks, campaign contributors!).