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Editorial: Self-preservation

Walking back to my car after work Sunday night is possibly the most stressful three and a half minutes of my week. I clench my fist around the keys in my pocket. I check...


Hard Truths: Home and Hearth

Near the east end of 10th Street there’s a tidy campus of three small houses and a garden that make up the current teen shelter. It’s a considerable improvement over the temporary shelter Fairbanks...

Letters from the Editor – Failing, flailing 1

Letters from the Editor – Failing, flailing

As I write this editorial our student government’s leadership is in Juneau, trying to convince the state legislature not to slash funding for the University of Alaska. It’s a noble effort, but I suspect...


Hard Truths: Bringing it home

There’s a lot that I, and probably you, don’t know about social justice. Hard Truths is a biweekly column taking a look at these issues on our campus and in our community.

Letters from the Editor: Homefront 0

Letters from the Editor: Homefront

The circuit court ruling that suspended President Trump’s immigration ban came as a small relief amid a sea of perpetual stupidity rising from our distant, disconnected capitol. A reactionary and legitimately proto-fascist move, this...