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Sun Star Picks, Sept. 19-25 0

Sun Star Picks, Sept. 19-25

Tuesday, September 19 Adam West, the bold Batman of the 1960s, may have died earlier this year, but today was his birthday. If you’ve been a long time Batman fan like me, maybe take...

Nook on the street, Sept. 17, 2017 0

Nook on the street, Sept. 17, 2017

The Trump administration has proposed budget cuts for 2018 that will affect funding to HUD. HUD is the Housing and Urban Development program; among some of it’s roles is to provide assistance to people...


May, 2, ‘Nook on the Street

The UAF Title IX Office has made several changes over the past year, including hiring a permanent head of the office, hiring a liaison to assist students through the reporting process and attempts to...


April 18 ‘Nook on the Street

The state senate has proposed ending the Alaska Performance Scholarship by 2021. This week we asked students, did this scholarship factor in your decision to attend UAF and how do you think ending it...


April 11, ‘Nook on the Street

Recently congress passed legislation allowing internet service providers to collect and sell browsing history of their customers. This week we asked students: What do you think about this change?