Chancellor releases rap album "Mr. Rogers' Hood"

Fernanda Chamorro/Fun Star Reporter
April 2, 2013

Mr. Rogers' Hood album cover has been released and the album is expected to come out this month for Springfest. March 31, 2013. Album cover created by The Man.

Mr. Rogers’ Hood album cover has been released and the album is expected to come out this month for Springfest. April 1, 2013. Album cover created by The Man.

UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers who is usually recognized by his unique mustache has decided to take his trademark ‘stache to a whole new level. Rogers is releasing a hit single titled “Muh Stash” as part of his new rap album “Mr. Rogers’ Hood,” that will be released under his rapper name Mr. Rogers this April.

“I felt inspired by a mixture of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Ice Cube,” Rogers said. “Ice Cube is tough, he has the mean brow look going on just like me.”

Rogers’ wife Sherry Modrow said she completely supports him. “This has always been his dream,” Modrow said. “The thug life.”

Rogers mentioned that he knew all along that he only needed one microphone to perform his greatest rhymes. One of his good friends is Josh Silva, better known as Alaska Redd, the pioneer of hip-hop music in Fairbanks. Silva discovered Rogers’ talent when he took him into his studio and did not want to let him out.

“He tore the studio up, it’s like he’d waited his whole life for this one chance,” Silva said. “I wanna sign him to ReddDott Productions, for real. Who better to open at UAF for Theophilus London with me than the Chancellor himself?”

Rogers’ lyrics are spreading throughout campus as students cannot believe their ears. “Once he gets on that mic, you should be scared,” said UAF student Alex Martinez. “He’s a beast and he keeps it 100.”

“Oh my gosh, he’s like the next Tupac,” said Latoya Jordan, a music student. “But better.”

The rap album is set to be released before Springfest and includes a track called “Spring Madness.” There are a total of 13 tracks. Among them is “Muh Stash.” The following are rap lyrics to the song:

Now, you in Mr. Rogers’ hood,

I keep it fresh with my tie, lookin’ good,

They can talk all they want about the hair on my lip,

as long as they don’t touch muh stash or muh relationship,

Mind on my money and money on my staff,

proud of muh boyz two UAF grads.

No it ain’t bleached, I keep my sh*t natural,

chances so good for me they call me the chancellor.

Thanks to Hamilton, I go H.A.M. a ton,

up in my office feeling like the man of fun,

don’t believe me? Go throw your water balloons while I drop watermelons.

Started from the bottom in my lemonade truck,

You can try to knock me down but I’ll get back up,

while you’re running your mouth I’m busy makin’ those bucks,

all the talk seems to stop at the drop of that puck.

This article is satire. It is not intended to be taken seriously.

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