Cleo’s Corner: Bi-Weekly Intuitive Messages

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Photo credit: Molly Putman

Spring is in bloom and a new season of light and adventure is on the horizon. You have been working diligently to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations for some time now. Perhaps this is involving work, a romantic relationship or an educational or personal goal. You may be beginning to feel deflated, lacking fortitude and energy to continue.

With the coming of the new seasons, you think “maybe I should just quit now and start something new?” The cosmos urge you to give it one more try! Spring has begun and the time for a new cycle is indeed here, but your success is lying just around the corner. You have come this far, holding tightly and steadfast to your desires, do not give up now when success lies so close at hand.

The cosmos urge you to focus on the feelings of success, love, gratitude and overall happiness that you will obtain when you finally see your goals come to fruition. When we focus on how we will feel when we obtain something good, rather than our fear of despair that things will not work out, we allow our minds to become open to the possibility of success and we override our instinctual response to be afraid and expect defeat.

So enjoy Spring! Take a walk, drink your coffee outside, or simply open the windows. Allow your mind and body to be reinvigorated by the new season, and focus on all of the glory you will be living when you achieve your goals and you will.

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