COTW: UAF College Republicans

By Ben Deering

Sun Star Reporter

UAF accommodates a wide variety of student organizations, from those that focus on the physical to the spiritual to the cultural.  This time of year, people are talking politics. For the next four weeks, the UAF Sun Star will be covering the handful of political and social activist groups on campus, beginning this week with the UAF College Republicans.

According to Arthur Martin, a member of the club, he and a friend founded the club in 2007 as the last presidential race was heating up.  At the time, the group was called the Young Republicans.

Heidi Shepard, the vice president of the UAF College Republicans, says students should join the UAF College Republicans because it is “a great way to get involved in your community and help out.” Arthur Martin believes the university has “a liberal bias” and that “minorities around campus” do not have a voice.  Martin said he wanted to give them a voice.

The UAF College Republicans’ first meeting is Oct. 12 in the Wood Center Ballroom.  The meeting will be from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will be discussing the possibility of bringing in Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller, both candidates for U.S. Senate, to speak with the group.

The UAF College Republicans have mixed feelings about the two candidates.

“My opinion as the club president is that we need to support the Republican Primary winner,” says Brittany Hartmann, referring to the official Republican candidate Joe Miller.

“My personal opinion on this is that I attended the Lincoln Memorial dinner, Murkowski said that ‘We shouldn’t split up the party’,” said Martin.

“I’m a strong supporter of Lisa Murkowski,” said Shepard, the club’s vice president. “I think that she’s one of the best things that has happened to Alaska.”

The UAF College Republicans are united in their opposition to Democratic candidate Scott McAdams. “If Lisa wins or if Joe wins, I will happily support whoever,” Hartmann said.

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